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Thursday, November 18, 2010

praise Him in the storm

I have found it so easy to praise the Lord when I am on the top of the mountain. It is some what easy to praise Him as I descend to the valley. It is when I am in the valley I find it amazingly difficult. When the storms rage and I seem to have lost my direction it is difficult. It must be done. James tells us to count is joy when the trials come. It is for our good. God prosmies us that He'll never leave us. That should be enough in of itself there to shout the praises of God. Psalms 100 tells us to make a joyful nose. When tribulations are on us it is noisy and scary. But Praise Him anyway. Paul and Sials when in jail priased God. They sang aloud. God delivered them and believers were added. Awesome things really begin to take place when we praise the Lord. It is difficult but once you start you'll find it easier and easier. Befor you know it it is natural. No one can steel your joy. Unless you permit them to do so. The joy of the Lord is my strength. I feel weak many times in my life but am learning to rely on the strength of the Lord. You may say I can't! I say yes you can. All things are possible. If God is calling you to step up, then do it. Don't say I can not because I not equipt. God does not call the equipt, he equipts the called.

Monday, November 15, 2010

good samaritan

I was sitting here this morning and thinking of the parable of the Good Samaritan. I was thinking of the part where the Samaritan poured oil on the wounds and banadaged them and took care of the man despite their differences. How often today we fall short of this. How many times do we mistakingly pour salt on wounds in stead of try and help heal them. Jesus tells us to go and hlep and proclaim the good news. It may take us where we would not usually go. It may take us to people we don't like particularly. but we are to try and help anyway. think bebor you pour and reserve salt for flavoring food not for woujnds. salt hurts wounds. oil salve heals wounds. so pay close attention today and see that you are mindful of how you speak and the words you use. are they healing and helpful. or are then hurtful and cause further trouble. .

Sunday, November 14, 2010

ding a ling

As many of you my dear readers know I am once again ringing the bells for the Salvation Army. You got it I am a ding a ling. Some would say I've always been so so what's the difference. The difference is I get paid now to be such. It seems to be going well so far. Six days a week for about 5 maybe six hours. We don't get the normal breaks. We get a five minute break on the hour. we can't however add them up and take them at one sitting. That is the big difference between now and the last two years. Also this year I am doing something different. Yesterday I started with it. I am handing out candy canes while I ring. as money goes in I pull one out and hand it to the person. if a child is doing I not always but usually hand over two. one for the child and one for their parent. it was awesome. I caught many off guard for sure. not everone took one but those who did seemed to smile and say thank you. I got the idea from someone last year and didn't do anything about it. but now that we are under way have decided to do something unusual. so keep us bell ringers in your prayers please. we have to model the Love of Christ and smile and refuse to react to those who choose to be unkind. I don't run into that usually but some do. it feels good to be working. just wish I had a full time permanent job. but this is alright. it is better then nothing and I am thankful for the opportunity to help raise money for a worthy cause the Salvation Army. So if you pass by a kettle drop in some change or bucks. or a check. but if you can't do any of that just stop by and say hi and encourage them. if the store you are at has coffee available for free to customers. ask if they'd like a cup. they'll probably say YES!!! but above all pray the the season goes well. we've completed the first two days and things seem to be going well. take care and God bless each one of you.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas for Sale!

I am sitting here tonight mindful of a Christmas play that I was in. About 15 years ago. Not only was I in it and the star, I helped write it. It was the title of this post. Here is how it went. The first scene, sales person comes out yelling Christmas for sale get your Christmas. in comes a family. He first shows them a Las Vegas Christmas. It came complete with a lounge act, gaming tables and the such. The lounge act sang a dity. They asked the price. The sales person said100,000 dollars. The family says "no thanks to rich." Then they are drawn to a country style Christmas. A country man and his wife. The daughter of the family sits down only to stand up and say "ooo what's this." the wife of the country couple says sorry those are grandpa's teeth. then some friendly banter and grandma sings a dity. they inquire the price and are told 50,000. then they notice something strange a bright light acrossed the the salesperson says thats noghint just the light of the used Christmas lot. in walks a Shepherd played by me. The mother of the family approaches me and demands to know who I was and what I had to offer. I said "I am just a lowly shepherd and I don't have much to offer. I do have a story that has been handed down to me by family. I then told the story of shepherds the angel and how they went to see Jesus. I then sang Away in a Manger. It was the highlight of the play. Lisa our recreation director's sister was video taping this thing and I was told by Lisa that I made her sister cry with my performance. Unfortantely I no longer have said video sad to say. but it was enjoyable. oh by the way the sales person tried a high price for my Christmas then came down to say its free. The family said we'll take it and thus the play came to an end. My wish for all of you this season is simple that the Lord blesses you and that you cherish those you love and hold them close. My wish for me high on my list is 2 things 1 a permanent job. 2 and equally important. A special lady in my life that I can treasure, share my love and spend a life time with. I am not picky with looks because they'll fade. all I ask is that she loves Jesus and wants to serve Him with all she has. One who'll look past my blindness and accept me for who I am and will help me grow. someone who loves children because I am a single dad. but other then that not really any other requirements.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

praise God!!!

As many of you my readers know I've been searching for a job. Some of you know that around this time of year I've done bell ringing for the Salvation Army. This year is no exception. It' offical I will be ringing again. It is for sure I will be at the same location permanently. But the only difference this year I will be working 6 days a week. Hours will be from about 9:45 or ten until 3. Six days a week. Totaling about 30 may be 32 hours a week. minium wage. but it is better then nothing. it looked like I would have to be out of a different center. but today at orientation I was advised I could go out of my original center. I gladly said I'd like to and headed over and made it offical. so please pray we meet our goal and pray that all goes well. Praise the Lord. I am a working man again. tempoary but working nonetheless.

good samaritan

I was reading my daughter her bedtime story the other night. We read "The Parable of the Good Samaritan." A certain lawyer ask Jesus a question, "teacher how can I get eternal life?" Jesus responded "you know the law what does it say." The lawyer stated "love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind and your neighbor as yourself." Jesus said "you said it. Go do and you'll have eternal life." Like all lawywers not wanting to made to look stupid asked a follow up "who is my neighbor?" Jes told the story. A certain man was heading for Jericho. He fell among robbers and they beat him up and left him for dead. While he is lieing there in obvious pain and bleeding he looks and sees a priest coming. I bet he cried out loud as he could for help. The priest stopped looked and passed by. He did that because he didn't want tob be bothered and become unclean. Then a Levite came the man cried out I'm sure and he passed by for the same reason. didn't want to be bothered and didn't want to be considered unclean. Then along came a Samaritan. I am pretty sure the man tried to keep quiet. being a jew a samaritan was the last person he thought would help. But he was mistaken. The samaritan came along side and bandaged up the woulnds cleaning them and put the man on his donkey and took him to an inn to rest. This I'm sure surprised the man. after all the Jews had no dealings with the samaritans. The samaritans were half Jews and considered dogs by the full blooded Jews. the next morning the Samaritan gave the inn keeper some money and said take care of him and when I come back I will repay any expense. Jesus asked the Lawyer who was neighbor. "the one who showed kindness." you notice there he didn't specifically name the samaritan. he I'm sure had a distaste for them. Jesus said go and do likewise. I stated this story for one reason. We need to ignor lables that people where. Need to ignor color ability or disability. all the outward stuff. and show love. You never know what joy you'll give the person. often times people are overlooked because they aren't a perfect 10. maybe they are disabled and can't do this or that. like me. I am totally blind but am capable of doing many things. but many times I am look past and if I am with a sighted person many times am treated like I am stupid and don't know anything. they talk to the sighted and inquire "what will he have, or what does he want?" thankfully many of my sighted friends shrug their shoulders and tell the person ask him. I've told that they have the look of surprise something like "he can speak? or He can talk?" so lets go and do like the Samaritan man did and show kindness to the down fallen or the hurting. Our Father in Heaven will reward you efferts and you'll actually walk away from the experienced having learned a thing or two. If not and you can prove that you didn't come away with some joy or having learned something. then I will eat a bowl full of beats. many of you who know me know I can't stand beats. every day you come past someone who can use some help. take the time. quit being so busy that you can't be the hands, feet or arms of Jesus. You'll be glad you did.

Monday, November 08, 2010

boycott hell

Calling all Christians! Calling all Christians! It's time to boycott hell!. You heard me! Boycott! Hell!. We need to stand on a holy picket line!. "We need to let everyone know they need not cross. We need our voices to be heard. It is time! To often many of us have been far to quiet and have let far to many cross that line and go to hell. You may say I don't know what to say. That is no excuse. Study the word of God and memorize scripture. Get yourself some tracks you can distribute those as well. Many saints have gone on ahead of us. We need others to step up and take a stand. Sometimes in just standing for the Lord, that in of itself will speak louder then any words you may or may not say. It is your actions that speak better. You may know all scripture. You may know it better then anyone else. But if your actions don't line up no one will listen. Because your words don't line up with what you say. There was a song years ago by Degarmo and Kee. By this very title. It is awesome. It spoke of not letting a neighbor cross that holy picket line. So doesn't matter your denominational preference. If you believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the only! way to get to God and that he died for our sins and rose again as promised. then stand up and let your voice be heard. we may not see eye to eye on everything the Bible says. But bottom line is this: Jesus is the only to Heaven Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, and He paid for our sins on the cross and rose again. Everything else is minor and not worth fighting over. Stop fighting each other and let's take a stand for Jesus and set the world on fire with His love and power.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

follow through

We live in a day where follow through is expected. But often times isn't done. One should never give their word that they will do something and not do it. We are told in scripture that you shouldn't promise anything. But if you do promise to do... Then by all means do it. Myself I seldom promise that I'll do anything unless I am certain that I am able to follow through. We shouldn't follow through just do follow through. We should do it because it first and foremost pleases God. It shouldn't matter what others think of what we do. It matters nothing what others think. It only matters what the Lord thinks and sees us do. He already knows what we wil and won't do. Christ was born in a manger. He lived in accordance to His Father's will. He followed every custome that his culture observed. He was sent to die for our sins both past present and future. He rose again as he said he would. He followed through with the plan of the Father. He prayed that it would be possible for it to pass but submitted Himself to the task at hand. So be men and women of your word. if you are not then people will be shy of asking for your help. Because they will feel if they ask you you'll promise and not do it. but if you consistantly do as you promise then people will be more ready to trust you and ask you to do more and more. Take care to think befor you give your word. I realize that there will be times when things come up that will prevent you from following through. But that is rare. no excuse for not following through. in fact even if you don't personally get it done as you promised you can find a way for it be taken care of. So then you are still following through with what you stated you would do. You probably didn't promise that you yourself would you just promised you would be sure it was taken care of.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

whose hands

I am mindful at the moment of a story I've read a while. Called Whose Hands Is It In. In this story it spoke of a basketball in our hands and stated not worth much but in the hands of Michael Jordan worth millions. A baseball in our hands not worht very much but in the hands of a player like Alen Trammel worth millions. A race car in my hands worthless. but in the hands of Mario Andretty worth millions. Whose hands is your life in? in your own hands it isn't worth much. But if yiou put it the hands of Jesus, the author of life the one who was there when you were created it will be worth more then you can imagine. I am mindful of the song He's still working on me. it is true. I am not completely what he wants me to be but will be finished one day. Also a song by Jeff Stineberg Masterpiece in Progress. This song states that we are a masterpiece in progress. A masterpiece doesn't look pretty at the start. but moment by moment as each stroke is gently made. it begins to look brighter and fuller. sad to say though the masterpiece will only be completed on our death. but others will hopefully begin to see the bright hues and streamlined look as it is being developed. in fact on my death I want my tomb stone to say "here lies a completed masterpiece. So I ask you in whose hands is you and your life in? In your own. where it is messed up dissholved and twisted. or in the Hands of the Lord. Where all the crooked edges are abled to be smoothed out and refined and faded colors given life and a new hue. It is up to you! You won't regret placing your life with Him! I have and have never regreted it. Have tried taking it back a few times and working on my own masterpiece and screwing it up. but He is able more then able to make it alright and a new again.

giving thanks

As Thanksgiving is fast approaching. I wanted to take the time and write this. When we are asked on Thanksgiving day what we are thankful don't say you have nothing to be thankful for. The fact we all have things we are thankful for. Yes, I will admit, some have more then others, the fact is we all have something that we can thank God for. For me first on my list is always, my salvation. Without it I know I'd be lost and heading for hell and no chance for Heaven. I also am thankful for freedom. The freedom to worship my Lord, to read His word and to pray. Thankful for my daughter and my family. I could go on and on. I think you have the idea. The simple things we have and take for grant it we should be thankful for. This holiday season take time to reflect on what you are thankful for. I am sure you'll find something if you only take the time to pause, listen and search. Many things happen to us and don't happen. God provides for us on a regular basis. How often do we take time out to thank Him for his blessing. We are quicker to pray for help, or for someone. It is like we live in a give me give me world. But how often do we truly stop and thank God for what he is doing and has done. Rarely I am afraid. I am not perfect and I am in the same boat. I forget to thank God. He has given me a daughter who has accepted Jesus as her saviour at the age 5. Then at the age of 8 has walked in His way and followed His command and has been baptized. While there are indeed many things I'd like to have, things like a wife, a permanent job, and my eye sight back. While I do pray on these things. I am resting in the Lord's time and am being patient for this to happen. It will one day I know. but sometimes I don't know when or how or where it will happen.

Friday, November 05, 2010

the greatest

Who is the greatest? Some would say I am because I've written 15 best sellers. While others would say no I am because I'm a MVP? and on and on. sad to say in the church some would say I am because I pastor a church of 5,000. others would say I am because I am on the deacon board. While all these are great achievements they are not how God looks at greatest. Jesus told us the measurment of being the greatest in God's kingdom. You must be aservant of all. The world doesn't consider a "servant" great. A servant is beneath them and low. But in the kingdom of God great. Does this meant a servant to only to those we like? Nope! does it mean only when we feel like it? Nope! is to only those in our church? No! Jesus a servant to all. that means even the bumb on the street whith teeth missing and holes in his shoes and who probably hasn't taken a shower in a year. we need to suck it up bear the odor and serve them some how some way. who knows the effect you'll have on one life if you take the time to serve. it is embarrassing to me to see how our family of God is selective to who'll be served. they often base criteria on serving. something like "you must attend our church once a month in order to take part in our serving you. or they might say you have to do... you know what I'm talking about. so let's lay aside the junk and requirements and start serving one another. after all Jesus served the disciples and he is Great because he is God and he came to pay the ultimate price. So let us look for ways to serve. just reach out and Jesus will reach in and help clean things up. it might take a long time but in the end you'll be rewarded not by money persay and maybe not on earth. but in Heaven. don't serve with a motive that you get something in return. serve with a humble heart and let the Lord guide and direct you and watch and see what happens.


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