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Saturday, August 29, 2009

321 action

It is said that action is fast but slow by some or not at all with others. there was a song that came out years back by Petra in which the chorus went "sometimes God's childrend should be seen not heard, to much talk and not enough walk"

This is so true. many christians are guilty of talking more then walking. I've been guilty at times of this. but if we act more then we talk the world will observe and may very well believe. James said it best faith without works is dead. so what are works? they are deeds that we do I realize.

However, in doing deeds we ar doing action right? let our actions line up with our talk and vice versa. to many times we say one thing and do something else. thgis sends mixxed messages to the world around us.

there are some that will say "I can't help but..." I say. yes you can help doing... With the help of the Lord via his Holy Spirit you sure can. we need to get the word "can't" out of our vocabulary and look for ways that we can. if we ineed are unable then we need to find a way to find a way. not just talk about doing it but follow through and do it. this is easier said then done I realize but if you take thoughts captive and submit daily to the Lord you'll be surprised what you'll be able to do. you can "do all things through Christ who strengthens you." start claiming God's promises and starting acting and speak alike and watch and see what the Lord will do.

feeling saved?

I've been asked a few times "how does it feel to be saved?" usually this is asked of me sarcastly. I usually respond

"I don't have to feel saved to know that I am saved." "I have the same emotions as anyone else and being saved doesn't eliminate some emotions."

It is only because of what Jesus did that I can even be saved. The fact that he came as was fortold and died and rose again. that is how I know that I am saved. because the Bible says "whosoever" will call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. there are days when I don't feel saved. in fact I have days where I don't look saved or even smell saved. I know though that I am.

I do my best to monitor my actions though. because it is true that actions speak louder then words. You may say that you are saved. but...

If you hit people, spit on others and do things that others who are not saved while at the same time say I am a christian. how do you think you'll win others for the cause of Christ.

actions and words need to match. on the other side if you act saved but when the spot light is off you you say or use terms that don't show your salvation then the same deal applies.

I am not saying that I am perfect. I do mess up. but I know that when I do I can go to my Lord ans Saviour and ask for forgiveness and know that I am forgiven. this is no excuse mind you but rest assured once I have accept Jesus in my heart he will never leave. I can not do anything to get rid of him. like the old commercial says "i am stuck on bandades and bandades stuck on me" I am stuck on Jesus and Jesus is stuck on me.

let our actions and word match and let us be bold for the Lord Jesus and set on world on fire with the truth of Jesus Christ. He'll forvige anyone for anything they've ever done or ever will do. how do I know the Bible tells me. so.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

child like faith

It is amazing! Children have amazing faith. They believe so sweetly and simplely. If only we could have this kind of faith.

I realize that it is difficult because we allow our minds to be clouded by our experience in the past and current experiences. But Jesus said "unless you become like children you can't enter the kingdom" This comes from a conversation that I recently had.

A couple of days ago I was talking with a friend. I had just met her son the day prior to this conversation. On their way to Chuckie Cheese he wanted to know if I would be there. she told him taht maybe some other time. He had been to Vacation Bible School the week prior and brought up a story that he remembered. He recalled about Jesus healing the blind man by putting "mud" or clay on his eyes. He simplely told his mom "I know what can help dan" she ask what "he just needs to put mud on his eyes"

a child's faith! how I wish it was that simple for me to get my sight back. But the point was that Jesus can heal me. he realized this and was hoping that it could happen. We need to get off our high horse and become like children and accept things as they come. we need to have faith and trust in our Lord and know that he can do awesome things.

do I believe that I can be healed of my blindness? yes! I do! but I know this for certain that Jesus has a plan for me. if it means that I don't see again until I see Him in glory then so beit. but if sooner! then I am ready. Kids always say the coolest thigns. it is time we adults start listening a little closer. Who knows what truths they can help open our eyes to.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the tongue

We all use it and have one. A tongue that is. and how we use our tongue is sometimes a huge problem.

James tells us that "out of the mouth come praising and cursing, this shouldn't be." This is true. We are often quick to praise God for all he's done in our lives. and sometimes far to quick to curse others for things they've done or haven't done.

We should think befor we speak. we should listen twice as much as we speak. that is why we have 2 ears and only one mouth. I realize that people do things that get under our skin but think befor you speak.

You should think "if Jesus did this how would I speak" we need to speak in love and not with intent to hurt or condemn and with a vengance.

The saying "stick and tones may break my bones but your names will never hurt me:" is a lie! names do hurt. I think we could see the wounds we cause by our words we'd probably think twice. Words can heal as well. so think befor you speak.

for some this is more difficult then others I realize. but it is a practice one needs to do. the Psalmist says "let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you oh Lord my God and redeemer"

I realize that someone may have said something that hurts big time. think befor you say in response and speak in love. sometimes what we have to say may hurt but do it in a way that shows your love for that person. Every action has a reaction. we all have seen that the shortest words or such spoken or writen can cause a world of trouble or a world of good.

in closing it is not what you say that is going to get your message to someone. it is HOW!! you say what you say that is going to convey a message whether intended or not. you may say "i didn't mean it that way." but how did you say it? that is key.

God bless and we'll post soon.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Leththe healing begin. many of us experience hurt. we've been hurt by someone who may or may not have intended to hurt us. but we need to allow ourselves to heal from those wounds.

you may say it hurts to heal. I say yes it does. this is because the crud has to be washed out of the wound. how does it begin? well the person who did the hurt needs to come and apologize and repent.

we as believers in Christ are commanded and instructed to forgive that person. is it easy? no it is not. it hurts sometimes to forgive but one must forgive in order for the healing process to begin. it takes times to heal and one needs to be patient. One needs to keep looking to Jesus the devine healer.

will the wound leave a scar? it might. it might be visable for a time. but time heals all wounds and once we are completely healed then things return to normal.

however the key to the healing begining is forgiveness. sometimes easy but sometimes hard. but always important and needed.

will the wound be reopend? sometimes but if that happens then healing still takes place and the same remendy must happen. but we also need to be willing for healing to take place.

ome people seem to love being wounded and showing their wounds and they seem to be proud of them. this isn't good some times we need to cut ties in order for true healing to begin. but what ever you do do according to the leading the Holy Spirit and no way else.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


It has come to my attention that I need to write about forgiveness. I realize that this is not always easy for us to do.

But I assure it is vitally important. You may ask how often? I say always. no limit to how often.

I know that some hurts are more difficult to forgive then others. But we are still commanded in scripture to forgive. I John tells us that "if we can't forgive our own brother who we see how can we expect God to forgive us" I am not saying that God doesn't forgive us for any and all wrongs "sins" but we need to have the attitude of forgiveness. because we know we are forgiven for our mistakes and expect to be forgiven. we should forgive and put the past in the past.

it is difficult but is needed and you'd be surprised how much better you'll feel in the long run.

when we forgive we are showing Christ. and when others see that then who knows what may happen. you very well coulkd be that one example that they see that brings them to Christ. the world is always looking at us wondering how and when we will act. if we act anything but godly then they see no difference and won't convert however show Christ and forgive even when it hurts well that is another story. I am sure that it hurt the Father to see his son hanging on the cross paying for our sin but yet he still forgives us for our sin and accepts us and loves us just the same.

Friday, August 14, 2009

life choices

We all have decisions or choices that we need to make in life. Some of these are extremely simple; while others take a lot of thought and others need to be prayed about big time. However, in my thoughts over the last few months, it all comes down to 3 decisions that are extremely important. The result of which will have major effects. The first obvious one is "where youare going to spend eternity." I explained how to make this decision in my last post and it is my hope that you have done so. The other 2 while important don't rank as important as the first one here. These are:
choosing to be a victum or victor.

Whatever the choice you make it will have major impact for years to come. Like all decisions we make. All decisions wil have an impact on our future and others. maybe not an immediate impact but it will have an impact.

You can choose to be a victum. one who just sits and cries and complains that it isn't going your way. A victum always blames others for his/her problems and struggles and doesn't see that it is possible. They cry and moan loudly and unbearablely.

You can choose the opposite. That is to say you can choose to be a VICTOR!!! A victor stands up. takes notice and gets the job done. A victor says "if it is going to be I will get it done one way or another." they realize that troubles come but they lookat them as challenges that will help them grow and become stronger. They realize if it it is not truly possiblely for them to do it then they find someone or something that will get it done. They exhaust all avenues before giving up.

Victors are more thrilling to be around in fact their attitude is contagious and has an almost immediate impact on those around them. their decisions impact all around like the victum. but the victor accepts responsiblity for what is happening and knows that their decision to or not to do something will impact for the good or bad.

I will admit aht not all decisions we make are good. in fact many of them are not. however not deciding is worse because it shows lack of effort and lack of desire. but you need to choose today to be a victum or victor. then run with it and go with it. I hope that you choose to ve a victor. because doing this will prove to be fruitful and your health will be better for it and you'll find others will be more happy to be around you.

above all else choose to smile and know that your attitude is a decision and choosing it and how your respond is vitally important. every action has an reaction. So choose to be a victor and lets move ahead and make a difference.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

who do you follow?

We live in a day and age where everyone is looking for someone to follow. But when choosing someone to follow you must be very very careful. Don't just at a flip of a switch choose someone; only to find out later it was not wise for one reason or another. Sad to say some people find out to late and are not able to recover from that decision.

We as Christians obviously have chose to follow Jesus Christ. He is our person we want to follow. But we don't see Him in the flesh and having said that it is obvious that it is difficult someone you can't see. I realize it says in scripture "faith is the substance hoped for..." Hebrews 11 verse 1. So choose a person you can look to that you can follow. Be careful. commit it much prayer and do your due research.

ow do you research? check scripture with what they are saying. make sure it lines up. secondly observe their life. do they reflect what they teach? if something doesn't line up then you reallly should find someone else to follow. it is not an easy task but who you follow reflects on you. because you are what you read and learn. You hang around trash long enough? well you'll eventually smell like trash. I for one don't like to smell trash and hate being around it. I enjoy fresh smelling flowers and fresh smells. they are pleasing and comforting. so I'll tend to try and hang around that. the same is with people if your life smells good and fresh it will draw people. and as you draw people you should ultimately point them to Jesus. not to you. when it bils down you should see Jesus in the person you follow and and the person. it is said back in the day "you are the only Jesus some will ever see." so make sure your life lines up. sure enough your not perfect but as long as people see you are human and not acting like your perfect they will be drawn to you because your being genuine. some may leave you because they find you don't glitch with them for one reason or another but stay on task do do what Jesus would do. Remember that Jesus loves you! and so do I!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

who loves you more?

It has occured to me that we often times forget to say I love you. and I do love you all of you my readers. no matter who you are, where you are or what you've done I love you. but a follow up question that my daughter has been known to ask once and a while "who loves you more then I do?"survey says! God!!! yes God loves you more then i do and he doesn't care where you've been or what you've done or where you're from. He loves you so much that he sent His one and only Son Jesus Christ to pay the price. Jesus came and lived like we live and did nothing wrong. however they cruicified him on a cross. he bled and died to pay the price for all and I mean all of our wrong "sin" doings. however he did not stay dead. he rose again 3 days later as he promised he would. you may say "I've done...." it doesn't matter He loves you no matter what. He wants you to come to him with your hurt joy and all you have or even what you don't have. he will bless you mightily. you may ask "how?" well it is simple just pray. you may say "pray?" "Idon't know the words or how" well let be the first to tell you it doesn't matter how or what you say. just ask Jesus to forgive you for all that you've done and ask him to come and live in your heart. scripture says "if you will confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you shal be saved." it doesn't stipulate any other condition. you may say can I loose my salvation? I say NO!!!! Jesus says he will never leave you nor forsake you. just pray daily in fact always pray that Jesus be your guide. and if by some odd mishap you do something wrong just repent and turn from it. it doesn't matter how often this happens you're human and bound to make mistakes as I do. But God loves! you!! yes you!! scripture says "whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shal be saved" that means anyone anytime and anywhere. i beg of you if you haven't done this do it. don't do it for me do it for yourself. and after you've done it you won't regret it. then find a church and get yourself a Bible and read it daily. that is how you'll get to know Jesus more and more better. feel free to write me if you want more information or need help with any of those things. if you want you can call me as well. I am ready to listen and help the best I can.


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