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Monday, November 17, 2008

Come On Ring Them Bells........

Well many of you know that I have gotten a job. This was ringing bells for the Salvation Army. It went well. Sorry that iI haven't been in earlier then this to [post about it. But the job was tiring but rewarding at the same. I was blessed on a number of occations. For starters they usually moved us to a different spot everytime we went out. This was good but a challenge. After a while though the last 2 weeks or there abouts we convinced them to keep me in the same place. I rang at the Family Fair near our house. I had 2 half hour breaks and 2 15 minute breaks. Half hour 1 was my lunch and the second half hour was my dinner break. Two 15 minute breaks for relaxing and such. I was able to use the break room at the store that I was at. Was brought out coffee several times during the time I was ringing. We could drink coffee while rining but no eating. Back to the blessings I personally received. Twice I was bought dinner. It was a blessing and one that I didn't look or ask for. The first time it happened I was about to o on dinner break when a young lady, I assume worked for Family Fair, asked if I was given a dinner break. I advised that I was about to gon on my dinner break. She asked if "we" could buy you dinner. I said "sure!" she got me a 2 cheese burger combo with a diet coke. She did this a second time about a week later. One other time someone asked if I'd like to have a sub for lunch. I said sure. They then brought out a sub and chips and a soda pop. Oh I forgot one or two other blessings. Someone astated that she had bought an extra bottle of flavored water and asked if I'd like to have it. I said sure. Then later that night a young lady stated she had gotten something for me. I surprised said for me? she said yes. It was m&m's my favorite kind the plain variety. Twice I wwas given a money blessing. not to accept this but had no choice the first time a gentle men put some money in my kettle then stated that he put a "bill" in my lunch bucket for me and not for the Salvation Army. Then left before I had the chance to say anything. When I retrieved said bill it was $10. Then on my last day working I was given a $20. from a lady that knew me from church. I haven't seen her in a long time. she said it was a Christmas gift and for to bless me for being faithful. Again this was all done before I had much a chnace to say anything. Now the way we did our routine was we reported to the Salvation Army signed in got our bell apron and name tag and stick and kettle. Then waited to be sent out. They would have a drawing for a $10 gift card and then pray with us. They Then would tell us who was going on what van. We boarded and were off. The driver then would fill out a slip withour name location date and start time. put said slip in the kettle and be off. The same was done when they came for the kettle. the only difference was our end time. in the beginning I would board the van and return to the Salvation Army to be picked up by my dad. But he was told he could pick me up from my location. so that is what we did. I had to stay put until they got the kettle though. All in all it was rewarding and enjoyable. Was paid $7.40 an hour and averaged 27-30 hours a week. We had a cou[ple of dinners that they provided. One for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. Our last day they provided us witha hot breakfast. This was good. Now one might ask if I'll do it again? Well if I don't have a full time job next year then sure. Mom did take some pictures which we'll try and get posted soon. I was inside for all my times I was sent out and for that was thankful. well kind of inside was in the area between the outside and inside doors. so did have some cold but not as bad as some of the ones who had to stay outside. I did meet some interesting people who rang with me and some not so interesting. Also while ringing the bell saw people I've not seen in a long time. So all in all it was all good and and am glad I did it.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

who is my neighbor?

I was thinking today. I know dangerous but really I was thinking. For many years the Lord has been prompting me to be an evangelist. teaching his word. but I have no idea as to how I can get started. have spoken with my pastor and he is looking for ways and we are kind of waiting for confirmation from the church concerning the matter. but that wasn't the only thing I was thinking about. The passage in Luke 10. about the good samartian. Who is my neighbor? our neighbor is anyone we meet anywhere. and we should all take time to help someone if we have the means to do so. is it always going to be convenient to ehlp. no. but since when is Christianity convenient. sometimes when we go out of our way and go the extra mile it will speak louder then anything we could ever think of. we often think a few things do I really have the time? is it convenient? what will other people think? while question one is alright it shouldn't be a stopper. many times we are to busy to do something for others that probably will only take a few minutes. we live in a me oriented world and it is time for us as believers in Jesus to stop thinking of me and think of others. christianity is not convenient if it were then all would do it. it wasn't convenient for Christ to die like he did but it was neccessary. he could have done it more flare and could have made a big deal but chose to do the inconvenient so that w may be made right with him.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

good news

Well I have some good news and some kind of sad news. first the sad news so you have something to look forward to. as many of you my readers know I've mentioned a special young lady that was in my life that I felt was awesome and thins were going well. Well she has dropped out of my life for some odd reason. Have no idea why but haven't heard from her in 2 weeks and she hasn't returned my phone calls. so back to the field I go searching for a special lady. on to the good news. I have job now. grant it it is tempoary but it is a job none the less. I am going to be a bell ringer for the Salvation Army. I got the lttter Thursday saying for me to report for orientation on Tuesday morning. Other then that not much happening here. I am also waiting to get the final word concerning my hearing aid. we are waiting for the State to give the hi sign. As to my teeth? well I go in December 3, for another appointment at the University of Michigan dental place and hope they'll be able to do something.


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