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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

to cry or not?

It is a common philosphy that men are taught from childhood up. "Real men don't cry." We are taught this via movies, books, television and even by some well meaning adults. On the other hand we have some people that tell us "it is alright to cry." however this is usually nly when a major tragedy has occured in our lives. Also to reinforce the idea many times, and I realize it isn't meant to be as such, but if we are crying as a child over something parents are known to say "stop crying or i'll give you something to cry about."

I realize that sometimes crying isn't called for with kids but one should use discernment.
is it alright for a man to cry? Well what does the Bible "the word of our one true God." say. John 11 35 "jesus wept." also when he was in the garden before he was about to be cruicified. "Jesus cried tears of blood." So men abolish the thought in your mind. that it is wrong for a real man to cry. Jesus "yeshua" was a real man and he cried. We are to be like Christ so there you go it is alright for a real man to cry.

Don't be afraid to show that emotion in public or private. it is all good. don't be ashamed as I've been in the past about crying. in fact i've been knonw to apologize for crying. So if you need to cry feel free and let the tears flow. not only will it help you feel better it shows you have heart. and that is really what is important. a real man has a "heart"

Sunday, October 04, 2009


It has occured to me that many of us have a tendacy to choose what we will or will not see. While to a degree this is admirable. However; we need to ask the Lord so see things the way he sees them. It is when we do this we often tiems will things we had beforehand chose not to see. It may scare us and often tiems cause us to shed tears. But we need to see things as the Lord sees them

We need to pray "give me your eyes Lord that I may see the way you see and give me your heart that I may love the way you love." We often choose who we'll love. this is sin and needs to cease. We are to love one another as Christ loves all. Showing that love is difficult but easy at the same time.

While I realize it sometimes hurts to love someone we need to till do it. Who knows where that display of love will lead. It may very well bring another lost soul in the kingdom.

Saying "I love you" isn't enough. one needs to demostrate said love. We need to have a lot more action in our life if we want to win others for Christ.

I am reminded of a song that came out in the 80's be a nonchristian group the chorus said "a little less talk and a lot more action." as Petra said "sometimes God's people should be seen and not heard." To much talk and not enough walk.

So pray for the eyes of Jesus and the heart and watch out. because you may need to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


We have many things in this world that influence us. We have movies, music and television. But the greatest influence is people. While what we hear and see on television and the music we listen to does have a remarkable influence and impact. People often times have greater.
The other day I was thinking of people that the Lord has brought in my life. Some believers as myself and others unbelievers. But both have hd major impacts on my life. Some to greater degrees then others. unfortnately some of them have passed on and so I can not thank them but others I have lost track of and have no clue where to begin to find them to thank them.

That is why it is so keenly important we monitor how we conduct ourselves around others. We are always being watched and who knows what kind of influence our words, actions or lack of such will have.

The Lord brings people in our lives for a reason. Sometimes it is to teach us a lesson or sometimes it is to comfort us andother times it is to encourage us. Whatever the reason cherish those people while you can. If they are meant to stay with you until you die or until they die or until the Lord comes. But when they do leave physically. Know that they will always be with you in your heart. We need to remember to listen more then we speak. that is why we have one mouth and 2 ears. So think befor you speak. the words you say will impact. Hopefully for the good but if it ends up for the bad. Well then move on and hope that you can be forgiven. And if someone has said or done something that has impacted you for the lesser degree. and they come to you and seek forgiveness? then forgive them embrace them and move forward.

some would say that music has no influence or impact. it does. sometimes we don' realize it but it does. and we do. we may never know what extent we've impacted someone or how. but know this you will and o impact others. You may never know how or to what degree until you reach Heaven. But take satisfaction in knowing that you can make a difference.


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