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Friday, March 28, 2008


This year in Awana Ruthann did well. In fact!!! she finished her first book. She was in Sparkies this year. I am so proud of her. As you see from the photo's she is happy and is proud. not sure who is more proud of her accomplishment me or grandma and grandpa. it is awesome. This past Wensday night we had parents night at church. She got her ribbon for completing her book. she also got a certificate for perfect attendance. Earlier that evening at dinner dad asked me if I was going to be going. Before I could respond Ruthann spoke up and said that I was going with her to Sparkies because it was Parent night. She it with a smile. it is awesome to here her pray. she is so sweet and gentle when she prays. anytime I ask her who is in her heart? she responds God!!!! and at times I ask her who loves her more then I and and grandma and grandpa do sh says with out a doubt or hesitation God!! I cherish those moments and am proud. She is a big help to me at times. she is aware that I am blind sometimes she forgets but that is alright. as to my employment I am still awaiting to hear but that is another post altogether. this is all about Ruthann. will also post later about Harvey.


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