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Thursday, November 26, 2009

giving thanks

I was thinking today. with it being Thanksgiving day here in the United states. I was thinking about being thankful.

While I am thankful for many thiings this past year. I willnot mention them all here because most of them are the basics that we are all thankful for. However, I was thinking about the passage in James: "count it all joy when you suffer trials and tribulations, knowing that the testing of your faith works patients"

Was thinking, how many of us stop and thank God for our struggles we go through? James says to count it all joy. when one takes joy in something then they usually are saying at some point that they are thankful for it. So in a short ad round about way. I am thank for all the strggles I've had this year and continue to have. Because I know for certain that in the end I will win. Because with Lord on my side how can I loose. While I am still without a permanent job and still single and am not dating anyone at the moment. I am thankful for the struggle because the yet is yet to come.

So let us all push forward today and remember to give thanks for all that we have but don't forget to thank God for your struggle. because ion the end if know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour you'll win the ultimate prize. After He is the only way to Heaven. many say there are mutiple ways but they're wrong Jesus is the only way. so stay close to Him and you won't go wrong. Struggle you will and be tested it is certain. but in the end you'll win. so count it joy and when doing that thank God for it and let's move ahead and be victorious in life. Remember you can choose to be a victum or a vitor. it is all up to you. I hope and pray you choose to be a victor. I choose that and will stay on course.

God bless one and all and let's all remember to pray for one another and keep moving forward and help one another.

I am bell ringing this year stay tuned for a posting on that.


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