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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

where do I go?

There was a song that came out years ago that asked this very question. It asked: "where do I go when I need some loving, where do I go when i need a friend where do I go?" The answer is then given back on my knees in prayer. It has coe to my understanding I think that any believers are not using unless absolutely have to prayer. They are quick to promise to pray about a given situation but often empty promise. They walk away and probably don't give the matter a second thaught. This my friend shouldn't be. We need to pray continously. Scripture tells us to pray with out ceasing. This means always be in prayer. I ask you what is prayer? Some of you will probably answer talking to God about stuff. I respond NO! It is talking with God. You may ask talking with God he doesn't say anything. My friend you are wrong there to. His Holy Spirit speaks to us but we often tune him out because we're not liking what he is telling us. so we look to other sources for the answer. My pastor gave a principle that has stuck with me. it is the push principle. Pray Until Something Happens. Just because you don't see immediate results doesn't mean stop or he isn't hearing. God hears all our prayers and answers them all. not always in the manner we expect but His way is best so he answers accordingly. I will admit myself there have been times when I haven't taken prayer seriously. but over the past few years or so I have since changed my mind set. Prayer is a mighty weapon and it is one that if used more then it is now we could see some big time results. so my dear reader don't promise to pray about a given issue unless you intend to follow through. then watch for the results. if needs be get back with the person whom you promised to pray for and check how the issue is going. when you are going on you may say I want to help this person but I can't I have nothing available. my friend you always have something available to do. you got it pray pray pray. God answers prayer sometimes yes sometimes no and sometimes simplely wait. But he answers. Keep praying earnestly about it and watch for the results. Prayer in my oppinion is our mightiest weapon we have to use that followed up with the Word of God. God does speak to us it is up to us to open our ears and listen and truly listen. when you pray though mean it. don't just do it just because. have a purpose in your prayer and stick with it. so e a christian who knows scripture forwards and backwards but doesn't pray and I'll show you a believer who struggles. Scriptures tells us to pray so what good is it to know scripture if you don't do what it teaches. you may say i don't know how to pray. there is no formal way to pray. just share what is on your mind and heart no need to us formalities. come as you are to the throne and leg the Lord take of it. you can pray standing up, sitting in a chair, laying in bed on your knees while driving. just pray until something happens then find something else to pray for but keep praying.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

sticks and stones

There is a saying that is often taught to children that is so full of lies it amazes me it is taught with any confidence. SSticks and stones may break my bones but your names will never hurt me! This is wrong! Names can hurt. In fact often times they cut deep and leave mental scars. The Bible tells us that we should be selective of our words. We are not speak in manner that hurts. I realize we teach this saying to help kids have a come back that will hopefully stop the teasing and harmful words. But covering it over with a banade only will bring more hurt to others later. Because after a while a person is fed up with being picked on and eventually they will start picking back and often in more hurtfull ways then they received. If we could only see the effect of our words on people I bet we'd change the way we word things and be selective to the utmost with what we say. The way we sometimes talk about others is just as bad. We are quick to gossip or tell stories about someone else just because we enjoy talking. This doesn't belong in the mouth of a believer. A believer has no business gossipping even a little. it is sin. even if we talk of someone and it is true we shouldn't be talking about someone because usually when it is done it only leads to hurtful speaking and causes trouble. So be careful of what you say and of how you say what you say. I've often said it isn't what you say it is how you say it that gets results. You may not of intended to cause anger with your statement but think about how you said it. the hearer probably was angered. i am sure it wasn't intended but think befor you speak. We have two ears and one mouth we should listen more then we speak. We often tell kids not to speak bad of this person or that but we often times do what we tell them not do. So think befor you speak and when you speak be sure you realy it in a manner that conveys your intent. In closing stop teaching that statement and start teach kids just to suck it up and roll with it. There are times someone may say something to me that isn't appealing I have learned to respond with "thank you I didn't realize you thaught of me so highly." it is said in scarism to a degree but often curtails it and i can move forward. Words can hurt and they can heal. it is in your power. I hope you to use healing words more. as a believer you owe it to yourself to reflect Christ in word and action. let them match up. don't let gossip be named about you. may it be said of you "they were a man or woman of God they spoke truth freely and were a pleasure.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

whose hands is it in

It is said in an emial that I received a while back, that a basketball in my hands is worht nothing. A basketball in the hands of someone like Michael Jordan that ball is worth millions. A paint brush in my hands is worthless, but a brush in the hands of the like like Pacaso is worht millions. My life in my hands is worthless to a degree but if I put my lyfe in the hands of Jesus Christ it is worth a great deal. So I am asking you my dear readers where have you placed your life. You may say "I am a christian." While i won't deny that, I still whose hands is your life in. Haveyou placed in His hands and let Him take control. I have and there have been times where I've taken it back in my hands only to mess up yet again. I'm mindful of the song by t Underwood "Jesus take the wheel. Me driving my life I get lost. I make wrong turns and head in ditches and end up in a dead end road. I need to Let Jesus take the wheel. He knows whats best. I'm also mindful of the disciple Peter. Had he not taken his eyes off of Jesus he would have walked right to him and not sunk. But he took his eyes off and began to sink. Jesus saved him of course. If we keep our eyes on the storm and not on Christ we will feel like we are sinking and going to be remembered no more. I am not saying that by placing your life in hands that all will be good right away. But things will improve and get betterr. Scripture tells us in Romans 8 28 "all things workt togather for good to those love God and are called according to His purpose. We will still face trials and temptations but we have been given power through Jesus to weather the storm. 1 John tells us greater is he that is in us then he who is in the world. Satan walk likes a roaring lion seeking who get. I am not by any means saying I am perfect. He's still working on me to make me what He wants me to be. But I know I need to lean on the ever lasting arms of Jesus. He will protect me and guide me. but bottom line is for me to trust Him. Proverbs 3 5-6 tells us "trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path." Put your entire being in His hands and trust him and watch and see what will happen. Give it time and you will begin to see results. God is not slack with fullfilling His promises. He loves you far to much to. For those of you who may be reading this and don't know Him. Accept Him today and you'll not regret it. When you've accept him just pray something like "Jesus I know I am a sinner and am in need of you please forgive me and come in my heart. He will do it right away. Then get hooked up with a church and fellowship with other believers and continue in reading the Bible and prayer. So I will close by saying: "Let go and Let God take control. He will fullfill His promise and will never leave your side. No matter what you do or have done. Just ask Him to guide you and willfully give up your life control and Let Jesus take the wheel.


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