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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the adventure

Well as many of you my readers know I have been doing the job search thing and having some dental work. well the job search still continues. I did take a test 3 of them in fact for a position with price line. did well on 2 of them but will be retaking the third one. it is looking up information using tables and charts and such. as to the dental. well it is on going saga. they are refering me to a specialist at the University of Michigan hospital. because I am so unique it is beyond their ability. on a funner note. a couple of weeks or so ago we took Ruthann to Michigan Adventure. She had a blast. this was her first time going to an amusement park. not her first ride because they had a small fair here around the 4th of July. she had a blast. she had won the tickets from radio Disney. back in May. mom and I and dad and Ruthann all went. I and mom even went on the new ride they have called Thunder Hawk. it was Sweet!!!! mom braved it and all while she was saying "oh no!" I was yelling "alright!!!!" fun was had by all. maybe next year we will take Ruthann to Cedar Point and experience a bigger amusement park! anyway hope all are doing well and staying out of trouble.


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