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Sunday, September 11, 2011

remembering when

I have many fond memories. I remember where I was when 9-11 happened. I remember when I heard that Reagan had died. I remember when faith! meant something! It meant sharing the gosple with boldness and without fear. It meant standing up for Jesus and not stepping down. It meant pray pray and pray till something happens. However now faith seems to be fading some what. fewer and fewer believers are taking stands for what is right. they say "christians shouldn't get involved with..." christians now are slimming in mumbers when prayer is needed. unless it is personal then it is issue. this causes me to wonder why? and where did it all take place. I realize that laws are tougher now then they were then but why in this time of darkness are christians so quiet. there some who are bold but the majority seem to be quiet. and forget it asking some christians to share their testimony of what God is doing. they shy from it and say it is not my calling. my dear readers as a believer it is our duty to share our testimony of what God has done and is continuing to do in our lives. what am i saying here? WAKE UP CHURCH!!!! the enemy is doing what he can to silence us but lets not take it sitting down by the way side. lets Speak! up!! I pray that true revival comes to this nation.


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