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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

anger sin?

Well this past Sunday I was reading Ephesians and as I was reading I thought about anger. I started to think that it is a sin to be angry. But the thought then occured to me that it is not a sin. After all Jesus got angry and drove out the people in the temple that were defiling it. Some would say well he had the right he was Jesus and the Son of God. But it it is different for us. I would ask How? We are to be like Christ so if Christ was permitted to show anger then why not us. Ephesians 4 verses 26-27 tell us "be angry and sin not" "don't let the sun go down on your anger." so it is decided it is alright for a Christian to be angry provided they do not sin in anger. now one will ask if they do is it forgiven? yes it is. How long is one permitted to be angry? not long. Epjhesians says "don't let the sun go down on your anger." so not even 24 hours should go by and we hold our anger. it is destructive and hurts and not to mention makes everyone miserable even the one who holds the anger. in fact the person who did the wrong in the first place has gone on and has forgotten that they did what they did and it is only ruining us if we hold on to the anger. we need to deal with it as quick as possible and put it to rest and allow God to finish what we can't do. and I will say this no one make you angry or sad or anything. you choose those emotions. yes you choose how you feel. while there are circumstances that will encourage us to choose one emotion over another it is our decision in the end and ours alone. So allow yourself to be angry and deal with it. just don't let your anger boil and stay burning up. we are to love one another and treat others with love and respect and do as Christ would. i know it is difficult. but remember life is a challenge and without these challenges we wouldn't grow nd if we don't gorw then life becomes boring and dull. what doesn't kill us makes us stronger in the end. so don't feel regret or sad if you get or have gotten angry it is alright. but be sure to take care of the issue or get help with the issue and then leave it in the past and move forward. and remember it is never to late to say those 2 hard words "i'm sorry." or if someone says those to you "your forgiven" remember to forgive someone for their mistakes and errors in judgment and pray most importantly. until next time May the Lord Bless you and keep you and may his face always shine on you and may he give you his peace.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Bite

Well as many of you my faithful readers know, I've had an on going journey to get some bottom teeth. Well the journey now has come to an end. I met with an oral surgeon here locally who was willing to do the surgery free for the most part. He was only going to charge for the material and hardware. The teeth were going to be free as well. IWhen I met with him he saw a couple of things on my teeth xray that were a concern. As a result he had me go in for a ct scan. I did this. Then a week later he called me in for an appointment to go over the results. The results were not what I wanted to hear. It is a no go for the teeth. I have to many soft pockets in my mouth. These are probably stemming from my Neurofibromatosis. There is no definete for sure answer to say that they won't grow more. The posts need hard bone to be secure. So now I must endure my life with only upper teeth. Am I able? Of course! I am able to handle this. Do I like it? No!!! But that is life and I will move forward. Were I a man who was money hungry I would find a lawyer and sue Grand Valley Dental for not investigating for fully before removing my few bottom teeth. But I am not a man who is that hungry. And even if I did do that what would it do? If you said "nothing" you are right. So I will move forward. The Lord has a plan in it and will make it known. I just need to trust him and move ahead. I have 2 choices here. I can sit and cry and complain and groan and play the pity me, or I can choose to be a victor and say, "it is done and I have to deal with it and choose to stand up and move ahead. For those of you who know me well you know what I've chosen. For those who don't well I have chosen to move ahead and take life as it comes and see where my road leads. It ay be a bumpy ride still but I will buckle in and enjoy.


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