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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have been thinking about something lately. Why? of all animals and things that we can be compared with does Jesus compare us to sheep? well it is a stupid animal. they'll follow anything pretty much. we are stupid. I know that is insulting to be called stupid. but when it boils down to it we are. we all do stupid stuff. I don't care if you have a phd or a masters. but sheep will follow anything. however get them in your camp and train them well they will obnly listen to their masters voice. Jesus said "my sheep hear my voice" "a stranger they will not follow" so let's get to know our masters voice better so that we won't follow another voice. it is easier said then done but it is well worth it in the long run.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I know that many of you my faithful readers know that angels exist. But it has occured tome that some of you don't truly believe or say that we don't or can't see them. I beg to differ.

While I lived in Denver I experienced this. I was staying at the Salvation Army. My wife "now x" was down the road at the Samartian house. I decided it would help our marriage improve if I could stay there. At the time we were going through a split. Well I went down and they had only one bed available. the way they handled it is each person was given a card and if they drew your card you got it. Well my card wasn't drawn. as I was getting ready to leave was told dan stay put. there seemed to be a gentlemen speaking to them in front and motioning to me. he then left the gate and just like that dissappeared. as you guessed it I got the bed. amazing!

one more example. while I was living in Denver I was waiting for the bus when a gentlemen approached me and said "God wants me to give this to you" then he was gone. he handed me a bill. I thought it was a dollar when I tried to get change for it it didn't work. I asked a supervisor at work what it was she said "it is a $50" this came in handy we needed to get laundry done and some food and pay day was a couple days away.

so do angels exist? yes and we do see them in the flesh. howbeit they don't show hallows and wings but after the fact it is obvious aftter the event we experienced an angel. I have a few more examples but this would go on for quite a while. So I will close for now. May the Lord richly bless you and keep you. May he cause His face to shine on you and may He give you His peace.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


As many of you my faithful readers know; I am totally blind. Some you may be reading for the first time and don't know this. So let me fill you in on how I deal with this issue.

I was not born blind. I was born with congential Gloucoma. When I was released from the hospital with mom I received my first of a number of eye surgeries. While I didn't have perfect eye sight it was good enough to do all the typical things a child does. Even after loosing it totally I still did the typical things. Anyway over the years I had many eye Doctor appointments. and after it was all said and done I ended up loosing my sight totally at about the age 10.

I had gone in for an eye surgery and they wanted me to use the rest room I really didn't want to but was forced. While walking to the rest room I was sick to my stomach. this happened not long after returning home. as a result I had some blood vessels break. I remember one morning waking up and not seeing anything at all. this of course scared me and my mom.

In fact the morning this happened I was bumping into a bunch of stuff. Mom thought I was messing around. I cried "I can't see anything." we went in an saw the doctor. for the next 6 weeks I saw nothing. I was home schooled. when my eyes cleared I was taken out of my normal school and put into a school where I would be taught those things I needed.

During this time I will admit I was a mix of emotions. I was sad, angry and confused. Angry because I felt I was lied to. The doctors seemed to make me feel that this would make my eyes all better and i'll admit now not then of course a little at my parents because I was taken out my home school. but most of all for a bit angry at God because he let these adults do this to me. While yes i had many people praying for me and yes I was and am still of course a believer in Jesus. so that helped.

in a nut shell I guess in answer to the question "how do you handle being blind?" one day at a time and with much prayer. The Lord has a reason for this all taking place. I don't totally know why but am seeing it a little more and more each day. Thankfully my parents have never let me use my blindness as an excuse as to "can't" i tried but they wouldn't let me. for that I am thankful. so now for those of you who are struggling. God will make a way and believe him and in yourself and try. there is no "can't" do it and give it a try. if it ends up you are truly unable then you tried and know. you will never know unless you try. I still struggle from time to time with depression like everyone else. and from time to time my blindness bugs me. but it is not a "disability" it is a nuesance. the government says I am disabled or "handicaped" i dispise those terms. some even say "visually challenged" but I am who I am and will continue to move forward.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

the call

We are often times called on to do many things during our life. Some of those calls we are forced to answer. We have no choice in the matter.

such calls like:
going to school from elementary to high school
meal time while living with our parents

while other calls we have choices to answer or not. however the Lord calls us. and that is a call we all aught to answer the result is eternity in hell. But after that call is answered and we have a relationship with him. then he often times will call us for other things. sometimes we answer those calls willing and other times we do it out of obligation.

But there is a specific call that we all are given and it is not the same for all. If we choose to answer that call it is awesome and the Lord will equipt us to do it. but we can choose to refuse to answer. that doesn't mean we'll loose chance to go to heaven.

Many will say but "I am not equiped to do that kind of call or how will I do it." I heard a quote a while back that says "God doesn't call the equiped he equipts the called." So answer the call then pray and seek for how to get it done and the Lord will show you. For me I feel that the Lord is calling me to be a public speaker/evangelist. how? I have no clue when and where to begin but am keeping my eyes open. I know he's equiped me with the ability to speak and has given me the spiritual gift of teaching. So I am now just praying and wondering how and where I can begin. It is fearful when you choose to answer the call but answer it by faith and trust the Lord to see you through and he'll get it done.
so the next time you hear the call to serve in com compacity or another go and do it. and keep your ears open for your personal calling.

there is one call that none can avoid and that is the call of death. it is appointed for man die. and when you answer that call pending on how you answered the initial call will determine where you spend eternity.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Why is it we often times forget our Lord. We remember him when we are soaring like eagles or sitting on top the high mountains. However when we are in the darkest forest, the depth of dispare or in the deep valley we forget him.

We forget that he says "I will never leave thee or forsake." We forget that hs is always with us and will not forsake us. He will be with us always.

It is when we are going through those times he is actually closer to us then we realize. He is carrying us through. David said in Psalms 23 "even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me. Your rod and staff protect me."

I realize that some of yu reading this are going through some storms in life. realize they will pass. know that weeping may be during the night but joy comes in the morning. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

It is the Lord who will protect us. Satan wants us to think we are forgotten and neglected. this is false the Lord gathers us under his wings like a hen gathers her little chicks. we often feel that the Lord has abandoned us. he has not. we drop the ball it is true but he picks up the ball is ready to hand it back to us.

The solutions is easy but hard. Let Jesus take the wheel of our life and drive. he knows where all the bumps are and can avoid them. it is when we try to tak the wheel and drive we drop in cracks and sputter and get lost. but Jesus is there and ready to take over if we will let him. he will never push his way but will allow circumstances to come our way that will cause us to look to him for guidance and help. circumstances may get severe before we really realize how desperately we need Jesus. but we can get through them for he will not suffer us to go through more then we are able to handle.


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