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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

christian essentials concluded (food prayer)

I am sorry for not post the final segment but here it is.

Another essential for christians is food. Now you may say food? Yes food! As physical food is needed for the body for it to function properly so also is spiritual food. There are 2 kinds of food. Angel food! and Devils food. How do you know the difference? you get real familar with the cook boook. The Bible. It will give you real hardcore angel food. devil food is anything contray to angel food. let me tell you a teller at a bank knows a fake dollar from the real one. How? because they study the real stuff so often and long and hard and fast that when the fake comes they know it with a snap of a finger. The last essential is not last because of last importance it is actually very important. Prayer! prayer is simplely put communicating with God. as you communicate with your friends family or co-workers so you communicate with God. There is no style or specific way to speak. just say what you feel and what is on your heart. no position is required. you can stand, sit hit your knees or anything. It is vital because even though God knows all and sees all he wants us to know and tell him what we feel that way he can help us make the change you need.

Friday, March 13, 2009

christian essentials "fellowship

here is the next part sorry it has taken a while. Fellow toastmasters another key to christianity is: fellowship. I spell fellowship "church" you will probably say tome church isn't perfect of course it isn't because it is filled with people like you and me. We are commanded in the Bible to not forsake to assemble with other believers. It is when we do this we grow. We get encouraged and it is a safe place to get a kick in the pants to get us moving where we should be. it is outside of the church that we are not encouraged to serve and worship our Lord and it is outside the gathering that we often get knocked down. so when we fellowship we can bet our batteries recharged and get moving again. Now when I speak of church i am not necessarily speaking of a building like we meet in here for toastmasters. it is good. however but you can fellow with other believers anytime and anywhere. it doesn't have be for one our or 2 and it doesn't have to be a large group. we are told in scripture that "whereever two or three are gathered in my name I am there" so let's get getting together to encourage love and motivate one another. yes I know sometimes whate we hear hurts but it is better to get the truth on how we should be from a fellow believer then a nonbeliever who'll just say what they think we want to hear.....

stayed tuned for the next. part coming soon.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

qchristian essentials part 2 "faith"

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen according to the bible. now many of you toastmasters and guests who came in tonight had a lot of faith. you may say Daniel how? I say because you sat down in the chair. you didn't examine it research the make and question ther maker of it you ust sat done believing that it would support you and it did. Faith is much the same thing it is a belief that Lord will do what he says he will do. you may say "daniel it is easy for you your blind" I say no. it is more difficult when you can't see physically what is about to happen. but one has faith the the person he or she is with isn't going to cause problems. it doesn't take a lot of faith for a christian to survive. it takes about the size uf a mustard seed. that is small and that is all that is required. I don't buy into this "it didn't hapen because you didn't have enough faith" it is going to happen if the Lord wants it to happen. Now onto the next essential....

stay tuned for the next part. food. again a reminder this taken fro m a speech i've done for toastmasters

Sunday, March 01, 2009

christian essentials

This is going to be broken down into four or five parts. This froma speech I did for Toastmasters a while by this title.
There are many things in a christian that one possibely will call essential. However in my oppinion it boils down to 4 main points. These are essential and vital to EVERY!!! christians walk and life. Without these 4 coponents nothing else is possible. So I am taking you my friends to "christian boot camp" here you will learn these essentials and hopefully be able to move forward. These essentials are:
1. faith
2. fellowship
3. food
4. prayer.
while i know they seem very basic and one doesn't think of them as essential but they are.

stay tuned bloggers part 2 will deal with faith and what I said in the speech.


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