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Monday, March 28, 2011

do as i say not as i do

We've all heard it said before and unless I miss my guess we've all said it ourselves. "Do as I say and not as I do." While it is not usually said right up front, it does eventually come out. For example we might say to our kids or friend "you shouldn't be drinking so much or smoke its bad for your health." But wait are you doing just drink excessively or smoking? chances are you probably are doing the opposite you are asking them to do. they may not know you do but you'll eventually get caught. The person won't say anything at first. but the next time you tell them not to... they are mostly likely to say "but you do it!" your kids will say that or if mom catches them, "but daddy does it." Daddy will often times then retort "do as I say and not as I do." my friends this shouldn't be. we should do exactly what we are asking others to do. This way your walk matches your talk. it's one thing to expect your children or family or friends to act a given way. but it is entirely a different thing for you to follow through with what you are requesting. you may say "I don't want them to fall into the same trap as I have!" this is no excuse. scripture tells us first to cast out the plank in our eye then we can see clearly to clear the speck out of another's eye. So the next time you are tempted to tell your child or friend not to... think of yourself and ask yourself "am i doing what i don't want to see them do?" if the answer is that you are not doing it then go ahead. if you are then stop doing it. that way they can see your example and follow it willingly and not out of fear. above all be careful as to how you tell this. I've always said "it is not what you say it is how you say what you say that is going to convey the message." tone is key. if you use a tone that is relaxed and laid back then you won't be taken serious. if you use an extreme tone one that boarders on anger then you'll strike fear and that isn't always. but if you use a tone that is gentle but serious and a little stern then the reaction in that situation denotes you do mean it and really want to see thing change. always always think before you speak. listen more then you speak and you'll be surprised what might happen. till next time my friends know i love you and am praying for you and if i can help don't hesitate to call on me.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

memory lane

Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we? Come along with me you won't regret it. I have many fascinating memories I could share but am going to write about two of them now and maybe more later.

I remember while I was growing up my mom bab sitting. The memory I treasure most about that time took place when I was about a softmore or junior in high school. Mom bab sat many kids of varying ages. Each of us had a special child that seemed to attach themselves to us more then others. I am mindful of a young boy names Joey. I don't remember his last name. Anyway he was cool. I would play with him and if I was home and he knew it he only wanted me to put him to bed for his nap and get him from said nap. In the mornings while I waited for my bus he helped me watch for my bus. The first time caught me off guard. Mom shouted, "he's trying to telling you your bus is here" I thanked him gave a quick hug and was off. When I got home if he was up from his nap he would come running to me. During the summer prior to him doing this I went to the Michigan School for the Blind for their summer enrichment program. It was a two week program. We had gym, home economics, art and a few other classes. In my art class I made a small teddy bar. Wasn't anything fansy. He was dropped off one morning and I made sure I was up to see him come in. I gave him the bear. He hugged it big time and wouldn't let it go. Mom tells me that he wouldn't go to bed for his nap unless he had his special bear. In fact one afternoon when he got picked up to go home he took off running down the hill in to the field next to our house. He would come back up. Mom tried and his mom tried. the next thing I know mom comes in and requests me to come out and explains to me what happened. I walked down the hill. knelt down and called for him. he came right to me and ask me "what?" I picked him up in my arms and said your mommy needs you its time to go home. it was amazing. not sure what i did any different then his mom or my mom did. I just know he came right to me no problem.

Now for my next memory. it concerns me and loosing my sight. I was born withgloucoma. had my first eye surgery shortly after birht. had many surgeries over the first 10 years of my life. when I was 7 and in the second grade that is when things when down hill. no longer was it possible for me to attend my home school. had to go where i could get the help i needed. while i wasn't totally blind yet it was certain to happen. prior to that I had surgery. to help lessen the pressure in my eye. well after surgery when it was about time to go home the nurse was insisting i get up and use the rest room. I was insistant i didn't need to go. they got me out of bed and was about half way to the rest room when i was sick to my stomach. blood vessles broke in the eye that was operated on. when i returned home during the night they broke again and i couldn't see anything at all for 6 weeks. was homebound for school. things started looking better. was transfered to a new school. well some how some way vessles broke again nd it was all down hill from there. when i was in the fourth grade lost my sight totally. i remember experiencing a range of emotions. which is to be expected. but thankfully my family has never ever allowed me to use my lack of eye sight as an excuse to not do something. in fact i have tried and was given a kick in the pants many times. for this am thankful but then didn't understand. i moved on since then and have achieved a variety of successes and received honors and awards. have always been a leader and seems destin to always to be the first blind person to... but it is my lot in life and I just ask the Lord for strength to bare it and move on forward. till next time. be blessed and stay tuned for more stuff.

my relationship!

As many of you my dear readers know or have figured out from an earlier post. I am in a relationship. I am involved with a wonderful lady who is genuine, sweet, totally awesome. She treats me with respect and helps me out and is not trying to change me to her image. Yes we've had some rough spots. But who of you can say that you've never ever have had some with any relationship either past or current. it is part of life. we are getting to know each other and it is awesome. my single days are definetly numbered. i know this for certain. my parents have met her and RuthAnn has met her and all like her. She has 3 kids 2 girls and one boy and i've met them and it appears we are off to a good start. I know this for sure I have not been this happy in a long time. TYes I've been happy here and there but nothing like this. We met via a local telephone dating service. chatted back and forth and then decided to meet. when i met her it was an instant connect. and we chat on a regular basis keeping lines of communication open and remembering to keep it in prayer. she asks me about things concerning me so she can know how she can help and is willing to be patient. to me she is a God sent. she's an angel in my eyes. i keep telling her that heaven is real sad. i know sadness doesn't exist in heaven but it is sad because of of their sweetest and most beautiful angels is missing. praise God I have a lady in my life that I can love and treat like a queen. i do my utmost best. sometimes i admit i mess up but she forgives me and loves me for me.

Monday, March 21, 2011


We live in a day and age where approval is consistently saught. We seek approval for many things: things like, our clotheing, loans, where we live, food, what we say and or do. While some of these things are necessary not are really absolutely necessary. Esspecially when it pertains to chasing ones dream or the ministry they desire to do. While pertaining to ministry one sometimes needs approval from the board at church if it is going to be done at the church. That is understandable. But this should stop one from going forth. When the rubber meets the road only one approval is truly needed and His approval is best. If the Lord approves of what you desire to do, then do it. If He has given you a calling or has prompted you via the Holy Spirit to do something, don't worry about what anyone else thinks. It is nice to have approval of friends and family, however, it can be a stiffle in us moving ahead. You may say but... I am not equipt to do... What if brother so and so doesn't like it? If he doesn't then oh well who cares. If the Lord has placed on your heart then do it. because He and He alone will provide what is neccary to get it done. Sometimes we need to step out in faith and go. I am mindful of Abraham. He left his family and headed for a land he didn't know and a people he didn't know.He left on faith because God said to. and looked what happend. He was prosperous and a huge success. So the next time you are about to step out in faith. Don't worry about approval. if it comes great. if not then move forward. above all else pray pray pray about it and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. When you do you can't go wrong.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

coming togather

We as Christians really need to come togather and unite as one. Far to often I hear and see Christians each other over stuff that needs not be argued. In fact, it is safe to say Christians today spend more time fighting each other then time in prayer or in the word of God. We meet someone who is a different denomination then us and we do our best to cover that lable and put our lable on them. If we just spend more time in prayer and in the word, we might just send old ugly running. These arguments need to stop. Arguments over things like dress, translations, spiritual gifts, when to worship. just to name a few. All that matters in my book is that one believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. Believe He is the only to God the Father. Believe that He came, died on the cross and rose again. Other then that when you get down to it the rest is minor and really is mute. Granit there are things in Scripture that are 100% clear as to if they are right or wrong. Yet there are others that are more difficult. We are commanded in Scripture to love one another as Christ loves. We are to love others the same way. So instead of trying to change someone, how about just loving them and praying with them. How about showing Christs love and let Him take care of the details and opening their eyes to the truth if needs be. Gossip has no business in the church and it is rampit. Back biting shouldn't be a part of a believers life in anyway shape or form. If someone comes to you and says "did you hear about brother or sister so and so?" we should nip it there. We should say "I have not nor do i need to hear." If i need to hear it I am sure they'll let me know. I have no problem sharing prayer requests on someones behalf or updating prayer requests. but one should be careful to stick to the facts and not imbelish. Nor should one give their commentary. As i've wrote in previous posts we should always keep in mind "what would Jesus do?" and move according. I know no one is perfect but I do know people often speak before they think and act before as well and this is not excusable. so lets come togather and unite as the family of God and start taring down strong holds of the enemy and send him running for a change.


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