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Friday, January 29, 2010


There is a lot of talk these days about "appearences" being everything. While in certain circumstances I'll agree that that is true. those being of course "jobs, interviews and school." However the line should be blurred and erased when it comes to church and other situations.

All to often it has been my experience in church that it is expected that you dress a certain way. if you don't you are looked down on and not only that people don't even try to speak with you or just totally move far away from you. however if you dress in a suit and tie or a fine dress. watch and see how many people suddenly gravitate toward you in numbers. it is kind of like and pardon my bluntness here "sucking up." it seems if you dress nice you must have the dough. and if you got the dough you'll want to give to a place that treats you right. I'll say it is alright to a degree. but we shouldn't show favortism based on looks. you don't know where they been or why they are there. you'll probably be the only Jesus they'll see and if you don't reach out to them. then who will? in many churches if you come whering holes in your jeans anda t-shirt and sandals you are look at as if you have a problem. and people will often distance themselves from you. not all churches do this but it has been my experience more then not that it is so. and it isn't just dress. if you walk in and show you have a disability they either play the pty party game ad over help or accept you for who you are. however if you step up and offer to help they are very reluctant to allow you. because they don't know how you'll hadle the duty. instead of asking you or discussing the matter the disabled person or person who's dress is less then perfect are ignored. and or put off and given excuses as to why "no."

this shouldn't be. we should accept one another no matter who, wha or how we are. show love not favoritism and seek to educate ourselves. you never know what will happen. beauty is skin deep. what is on the inside often is beautiful and ready to shine. and it is this class of people quite honestly i've seen are more willing to serve and get their hands dirty. The apostle James warns against showing favoritism strongly.

so the next time you are in church and you see someone new and they don't look or smell or appear like you think is proper. stop. walk over to them extend a hand and smile and say "welcome!" we're glad you are hear. this may difficult but be genuine and sincere and allow the Love of Christ flow. who knows you may be talking with the next Billy Graham or maybe the next Joyce Meyer. God makes all things beautiful and can use anyone anytime and any place. he just wants a heart that believes in him. and he'll take care care of the rest. who knows. so let's stop looking at the outershell and get to know the inner person and wait on the Lord to show us what and how they can be used.

till next time God loves you and so do I. be blessed.


I have had many times in my life when I've been caught by surprise. I mean really caught by surprise and amazed at the provision of God. Let me take the time and relate just a few of those times here.

The first time was when I was living in Omaha. It while I was working for Marriot as a Guest Relations Representative. My manager called me over to her desk. Thinking I might be in trouble for something I did or didn't do. I went over. She advised me that someone had submitted my name to receive a Thanksgiving basket. I don't know who it was and she did say. I didn't find out. It was appreciated and amazed me. It was appreciated because money was a bit tight at that moment and food was needed. A example of how God provides when we don't think it possible or even in a way we don't expect it possible. As to what all what was in the box I don't recall. All I remember was it was all good for sure.

The second time was around Christmas the following year. We did a secret Santa in our department. My secret Sana got me some socks, and a few other items. But the surpise was from the whole department. It was a "$100" gift card to Target. This surprised me and humbled me. It was amazing and for sure came in handy. As to what ll it was spent on I don't recall. but I do remember thinking God is amazing. As to how the department did it without me catching on I have no idea. But am ineed thankful.

Finally, my last day at Marriot. This was a sad day but a good day. I was leaving to go to Colorado. Leaving to be with my wife to be. I was working hard and do my thing. When I finished a call I put my phone on hold. I did this so I could finish typing a couple of notes on the file I just started. I then sent said file to the appropiate outbound representative as usual. I then heard the tone in my headset indicating that I was loggged off. At that point I proceeded to reach over to log my phone back on. It was then I was told "Daniel come with me" Think it was to do some final paperwork I got up and followed. It was then I was led to a room. and told have a seat. I was then given a glass of punch and a plate of cake. and spent the next hour or so enjoying a fair well party. They had a poster there that everyone signed. I then returned to my desk for the last little bit of my shift. As i packed up to leave, I was handed some cash. It ws to the tune of $80 dollars. Again surprised and thankful for the gift. that was a going away gift/wedding gift.

Amazed an surprized. But this moring I sit here and think. God is Good all the time and all the time God is good. he provides for us andd at times it catches us off guard but you know what? It shouldn't. Because God promises to provide above and beyond what we think. Because I am in Christ. So my dear friend if you don't know Him. Why not? it only takes a moment. I will tell you you won't regret chosing Christ. I promise you it won't be an easy road but the rewards here and in the end are amazing. If you have stepped away from Christ dear saint let me encourage you to come back. He hasn't left you ever and is always ready to take you back with arms open. So until next time. May the Lord Bless you and Keep you and may He always make his face to shine on you and give you His peace. God bless and till next time remember to pray to pray for the peace of Jersaleum .

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Do angels really exist and appear to us today? my dear saints yes they do! I have a few examples I could readily give. But for the sake of not being long winded I will give one that sticks out in my mind at the moment.

While I lived in Denver and I didn't have an apartment. I was stayin at the Salvation Army. My wife "now x" was staying down the road at the Samaritian House. I will admit during this time my marriage was not well. but in the spirit to try and get it back and moving I tried to get a bed where she was staying. The way they do this is you are given a card. if they draw your card you get the bed. there was only one bed available. the card was drawn. nope it wasn't mine. but that isn't where it ends. I got up and proceeded to leave. I was told hold on a minute. I waited and then was told I got the bed. what happened was the man whose card was drawn spoke with them and motioned to me. indicating he wanted me to have the bed. he then left and he had only walked a few few feet from the gate. and like that was gone. vanished no trace. angel? I suspect as much. so I stayed thre and talked with my wife and tried to work on our marriage. not long after that was accepted to attend the Colorado Center for the Blind to take some Parenting classes. that is another story for another day.

so dear saints scripture tells us how we should be have and warns us that we may entertain angels unaware. they come at odd moments and unexpected times. but it is usually unexplainable.

one more story quickly.
I was waiting for the bus one day in Denver my wife and I were sharing a hotel room with another couple. while I waited for the bus a gentlemen approached me and stated "the Lord wants me to give this to you." he handed me a crisp bill and like that was gone. before I could ask what it was. I arrived at work thinking it was probably a five or a one and tried to get change. no way. I found a trusted friend and supervisor and asked her "what is this?" she advised it was a "$50" I stood in awe and put it in my wallet. that night we needed to pick up a few things for dinner and do laundry. no money on hand. I then remembered "$50" took it out and it was exactly what was needed. I never saw that man again. have no way to know where he went or any thing like that. so keep your eyes peeled and stay on the alert. because when you are in need to going through rough times God will often send his Angels to help us through. it is awesome and I praise God.

No angels don't appear like they did in the days of old with bright light and wings and all that we see in pictures or how we see them protrayed in scripture. but they do come and they do help and sometimes relay message that we need for the moment.

you may ask "your x" yes I am divorced now I did make effert to make things work and prayed hard but sometimes things are not meant to be. I learned many lessons but I know that God answers prayers. not always the way we want but he answers them and His way is the best. so trust the Lord and rest in His arms and know aht he'll provide and that he loves you. and so do I.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

He is there

I realize that many of you are struggling with many different issues. You I know have anexiety about many things. I am also aware that you such as I sometimes wonder "Go! Where! Are! You!" it is those times that we need to go to him and cry out. Jesus promised us that He would never leave us nor forsake us. He is truly there all the time. At times it feels like we are alone but we are never really alone. He is just a prayer away and wants us to trust in Him fully and know that He'll provide all we need when we need it and how we need it. He is an on time God.

If you have sin confess it and know that you are forgiven no matter what it is. you may have confessed it many times and keep returning to it. But know you are always and forever will be forgiven. just accept that and know it. Live in Victory and walk in your freedom. If you are approached by someone and asked to forgive do it. Forgive them and forget it. put it behind you for God our Father has done it when we ask him to forgive us. It is difficult I know. But even though you at the moment are drifting through rough seas. it seems that no safety is in sight. rest in Jesus and know that he cares, loves and is by your side. Weeping lasts during the night but Joy! comes in the morning. though you may cry many tears and have many sleepless nights. rest in the arms of Jesus and know that he cares for you. he will protect you no matter how difficult it seems. he won't allow you to go through anything without him and won't allow you to go through it if you cant bare it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Many saints and I include myself with this because I do it sin. I know we all do but this sin is a suttle one and one that is often not thought of as sin. But anything that is done outside of lining up with the Bible is sin. The sin? WORRY!. Yes worry is a sin.

Dear saints it is a sin and many of you will disagree. But Scripture tells us that it is. Paul wrote in Philipians 4 "be anxious for nothing..." you will say that is anxiety not worry. but I tell you worry is anxiety. Christ himself even told us "take not thought of tommarrow what you will eat drink or wear." in other words "don't worry"

you will ask what then should I do? I am glad you ask. instead of wasting energy on worry pray pray pray. give the situation to the Lord and leave it with him. don't try ad fret abut it and handle it on your own. Let God take care of it. Some have said I don't pray because he probably won't answer. He will and does always answer our prayers. it isn't always the wa we want or in our timing but his timing is best. He may sa yes he may say no but the hardest answer is wait. We all hate to wait. as a rule most people are in to much a hurry. but it is said good things come to those who wait.

so why worry? not an option for the saint of God. prayer is the only opetion and one that needs to be done with fervent passion and with expedientness. So the next you find yourself worrying. Stop!! use that energy to pray and leave in the Lord's hands. His hands are best and Luke says "with all things are possible." so believe it and trust and go forth and serve the Lord with the fervent passion that I know all of you dear saints have. Till next time.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

No Matter Who You Are

It doesn't matter who you are. Jesus loves you. It doesn't even matter what you've done or not done. He loves you just the same.

You may say... I have: stolen stuff, used foul language in front of children, drank until i was so drunk i was sober or you may say i murderered. it doesn't matter. what you've done in te past. Jesus loves you just the same.

Jesus is calling the perfect into his family he is calling those who want to have eternal life. He paid the price you deserve for your sin. He came, died ad rose again. All that is up to you is to choose to have him in your life.

it doesn't matter if you are white black, purple or pink. doesn't matter if you are male or female abled or disabled. whosoever wil call on the name of the Lord will be saved. And believe me your life won't be same if you choose Christ. it won't be smooth sailing but i promise the rewards in the end are worth it for sure.

the Bible says "if you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you shall be saved." it also says "sosoever will call on the name of the Lord shal be saved." last I checked "whosoever" means anyone. God loves you so much he sent Jesus to take your place. Jesus did it to help restore the broken relationship between us and God. you are never to old or to young to take this step. after you do then find a good Bible and read it daly. also find a good church and attend regularly.

how do you take this gift. it is simple you just ask God for it. no specific words you must use. just admit that you need him and ask him to come into your heat. simple as that. just ask for the free gift and God will take care of the details. if you want to know more feel free to ask me and I will respond and if you want help praying i can help that way as well. But don't wait until it is to late. because after you die that is it and no second chance to change your mind. so spend eternity with me in Heaven one day or live like you do and not accept the free gift and be tormented in Hell. it is your choice and only you can decide. what you do doesn't make a difference with where you spend eternity you just need to take the free gift and let God help you with the rest. I serve an awesome God who loves you for who you are and willhelp you run with endurence. IF you mess up after you decide to go to heaven simple. just confess to him you messed up ad move on. make it right when possible but don't fret the small stuff. just move forward. Jesus is the only way to heaven and I hope to see you there when I get there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We all have to wait for a variety of things in life. Things like: trafic lights to change, to see the doctor, to be seated at a restoraunt. Many of us complain about some of these waits because it seems tediously needless. But when it comes to waiting on the Lord we struggle even more.

Isaiah 40 31 says: But those who wait on the LORD Shal mount up with wings like eagles, They run and not be weary, They shal walk and not fail."

Simplely put waiting on the Lord has its rewards. Afterall His timing is perfect. Dear saints we serve an on time God ad he is never late with fullfilling his promise. Our strength won't see us through. But it is when we rely on theLord's strength and wait on him to help we get through smoother. This doesn't mean we sit and not do. we do and do it all for the glory of the Lord. Who cares if we get recognized for what we do. it would be nice but that shouldn't be our objective for doing. Dear saints you are in Christ and should do what he asks of you to do. in doing so you'll show others the Father and they'll want to know more.

So don't hurry up. WAIT!! it has been said by otehrs older then me "good things come to those wait." if we hurry it along it more then likely won't come out as well. take your time relax and let the Lord direct guide. eagles fly gracefully and have awesome power in their wings. do we get tired sure. but if we wait on the Lord we won't tire of waiting because we know our Father knows best. Take your time learn as you go and take pleasure in knowing that your Heavenly Father is taking care of business. and when you pray ad tell him your needs or trouble. leave it with him and let him handle it. he has the power and plan to make it happen.

Till next time the Lord bless you and keep you, may his face always shine on you and may he give you his peace.
renew their strength

Saturday, January 02, 2010

our most powerful weapons

We have two very powerful weapons in our spiritual arsonal. they are:
Prayer is very powerful! Sad to say seems like it is seldom used or taken seriously by many saints.
How often do I hear one say "I'll pray for you about that..." and they move on and don't. if we promise to pray we need to follow through.

Prayer is simplely us communicating with our Father in heaven about our concerns. Some have told me they haven't prayed about... because He probably answer. My response to that is: "He always answers!" "it isn't always in line with what we hope for." If we as a family of God took prayer more seriously and kept at until we saw an answer. I'll be willing to bet that we would see awesome things happen. and not only that but we would send old ugly running and packing. so no excuse as to not prayuibng. time isn't an excuse you have time for a lot of stuff and if you look over your day you'll realize I'm right. so instead of complaining about why... pray!!!

Love is also powerful and we need to show others we love them even if it hurts. no matter who they are or what they may or may have done. love them anyway. who knows! maybe by showing them love you'll bring them to Cyhrist or back to Christ. You may be the only one who can make the difference in their life at that moment. God loves them and you qand so share that love with anyone and everyone you meet.

you may say "I don't have the funds!" I sa6y "it don't take loads of funds to show love sometimes a simple card or letter or just a word of encouragement" you may say "I have no time!" I say "no excuse Jesus Christ took the time to come minister die and rise again so you could be restored to a right relationship with Father God. you'll say "that was Jesus he was God so he had time he could make it" still no excuse not to show love. so go and show someone you love them and watch the results. I am sure you'll be surprised.

The world does enough beating up of people. we are to be different and shed light in one's dark world. You never know where it may lead or what may happen. this is for sure their life won't be the same after your act of love. And for goodness sake don't brag about it saying "look what I did for... or I did this to show I loved tem" do it and don't expect recognition for it the Lord will reward your effort and see you are taken care of.

May the Lord bless all of you and remember you are dear saints and I love each one of you and the Lord does abundantly.


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