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Monday, March 11, 2013

Jesus is?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

sticks and stones

Many times in our lives we get to say how or what we feel on a variety of issues.  We were raised with the statement, "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me!"  This is a false statement. While I realize that names or words are used freely.  We need to think before we speak!  It is because names can hurt words can hurt. God gave us 2 ears one mouth so we need to listen more then speak.  It is alright to speak your mind. I am not saying not to do that.  But what I am saying is think before you say it.  It is fine to joke around but even there be careful.  You may not intend the joke or statement to offend but it may.  For example a young lady is introduced to you and you think, "hmm she's ugly." You may even say "I don't like her because she is ugly."  Word will probably get back to her. This kind of verbage eventually will cause her to doubt if she is pretty.  When that happens she'll sink into a bit of depression.  Grant it I realze that sometimes oppinions are asked for but choose your words carefully.  The tongue is a powerful weapon. A weapon that is misused in many ways. Especially among believers. So my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, think before you speak. When needed apologize if you hurt some's feelings.  You may not have intended to but if you did make it right.  Communication is key and helpful. If done properly it can cause big change.  Sometimes it is best to be quiet on a given issue. Zip your lips then.  Sometimes we as believers need to be seen more then heard.  It has been said "I can't hear you because of what your actions" Let your walk match your talk and let the Lord help you and guide you.  Some say I talk to much and maybe I do at times but am working on watching what I say.  Compliments are awesome and helpful and may bring abouta changed outlook on ones life.  So let us put away that old saying and not teach it to children from now on.  God bless you my dear readers and check in again soon for more.  Who knows what I will post about next!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We live in a day when people hurt each other.  This shouldn't be.  Especially if you are a believer in Jesus Christ.  It happens I realize and there isn't much I can do about it.  However, how you respond to being hurt does make a difference.  When someone has hurt you you are to forgive them!  Forgive them because Jesus forgave you of your sins.  Forgiving is not an option for a believer.  Scripture tells us we are to forgive others. Scripture tells us that if we don't forgive others how can we expect the Lord to forgive us. He does! So we aught to forgive others. I realize it is difficult at times but needs to be done.  if you hold on to the hurt you are hurting yourself. I say this because most likely the person who hurt you probably has forgotten the fact. you holding on to it just eats you up inside and can cause you other issues.  I am not saying forgive and forget because some hurts are near impossible to forget but pray that the Lord will help you. you never know if you forgive someone and they are not a believer, you may have the chance to win them to Christ. So go forth and forgive those who hurt and watch and see the results. I am willing to bet you'll be amazed.         

Friday, October 19, 2012


We throughout our lives receive many gifts. Some tifgs are awesome, some not so awesome.  Some gifts amazing and even some that cause us to wonder why?  That having been said the Lord also bestows gifts to us.  You may say "heydoesn't either!" I say yes he does! The biggest gift of course is our salvation.  This is a free gift all we need to do accept it. many sad to say choose to reject that gift.  Secondly, he bestows on us spiritual gifts. For some it may be the gift of speaking, or teaching or working with their hands.  What ever your gift is the objective then is accept it and make good use of it.  You may very well say "I don't know what my gift is?" I ask then "why not? Are you willing to discover it?" If yousay "Yes!" I am ready to find out then go and discover it. You may ask "how do i discover it?" I say two ways.  first take a spiritual gift inventory. these are found a few different places online. you get results within minutes. secondly ask close friends, family what they feel your gift is. also pray that the Lord reveals it to you.  The apostle Paul confirms this in 1 Corinthians 12-14. telling us that each person has been gifted differently. Once you know your gift then use it. How? by any means available. Don't pass up opportunity.  pray for it. when you see opportunity don't pass it up. if you do then don't complain if you don't see another chance for a while. some gifts are are big and carry a huge responsebility. gifts such as "teaching" if this is your gift teach what the Bible says and use examples yes but don't teach in a way that is kind of scripture based base it totally on scripture and be able to varify it and back it up. when using your gift don't allow your head to get to big. because the Lord may have to prick your head in order for it fit throughthe door way.  when you are thanked or complimented on the use of your gift, thank them but at the same time attribute it to the Lord's help. This accknowledges their compliment but also places praise where praise is due.  God can use anyone anywhere and anytime, the fact he chooses to use you is his choice. use your gift as often as possible. if you never ever use your gift the Lord will probably ask why you didn't use it. there is no excuse for lack of use. while some will have an abundance of opportunity to use their gift that doesn't mean they are better. by no means. just be willing to be used and watch how God uses you. you'll get a major high when you use your gift. a major high or charge or something like that. when you pray for opportunity keep your eyes and ears open. and truly watch and listen.  having said all that stand up, go forth and apply your gift for the Lord's service and watch what happens. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where Do I Go

There is a song that came out several years ago by this very title.  It basically asked: "Where do I go when I need some shelter? Where do I go when I need a friend? I go to my knees in prayer.  I realize that many of you reading this are going through struggles of a variety of types.  I also realize it may seem like no end to the struggle. But Where do you go? Some of you may go to the bottle, others drugs, others maybe sexual intimacy.  While these may be pleasurable they can't help. I go to my knees in prayer when struggles come. I then seek out my pastor or close friend and seek help.  These are better ways of handling the struggle.  As I stated it may seem like there is no end in site. you may be weeping endlessly but joy will come.  When you pray pray earnestly and don't quit. Give it all to the Lord and seek Him diligently. In doing so be ready for Him to answer. He will answer. It might not be the answer you were wanting but He will answer. So keep your eyes open to see it when it comes.  Keep your ears open and be ready to listen. He may answer you Himself directly but He may use a pastor or close friend or family to answer.  Sometimes it is yes, sometimes no and sometimes wait.  if it is no then it is for a reason and feel like unaswered prayer. but I thank God for what seems like unaswered prayers. because things changed for me and worked out for the best. just stick with the task at hand pray until you see the answer and accept it no matter what it is.  people come and go and flee at times of trouble from you. but Jesus promises "I will never leave you nor forsake you!" so you can count on Him to see you through. you may ask but I did... to get into this. I say confess what you've done if it was sin confess it and thank him for his forgiving spirit. and be ready. you may be surprised. in fact I am confident you will be. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

no greater love

Scripture tells that "No greater has no man then this, the lays down his life for his friend" Jes was speaking of love an awesome. He was talking about himself in that he was going to be cru9icified for our sins. but we to shouyld be willing to die

the storms of life

As we live our lives, we experience a various types of weather.  Sometimes calm clear, sometimes cloudy and yet other times stormy.  If you have come to Christ as your saviour He is always there with you and will see you through.  If you don't know Him then accept Him today.  Will that mean troubles go away? I say resondingly no!  Christ didn't promise those who believe in Him a easy road.  Many well meaning ministers of the Word of God try promising this in some way shape or form. But it isn't to be so.  Storms will come.  But God will calm the storms in His time. When Jesus was here on earth He was asleep in a boat during a storm.  His disciples woke Him and paniced that they were going to sink.  Jesus just rose up rebuked the storm and it was calm once more.  He then rebuked the disciples for their lack of faith.  It may seem like no end in site, but you can get through any and all storms no matter how bad it is or gets God will be there to see you through.  the path to Heaven is narrow and narrow paths are difficult to walk and stay on. But it is possible. just keep your eyes focused on Jesus andpray like there is no tommarrow and my friend God will answer. once you pray open up your ears and listen. He does answer. we just need to listen. it may not be the answer desired but it is the right answer. If you don't know Jesus today I urge you take that step. You'll be glad you did. it doesn't matter where you are or what you've done you will be accepted. all you need to do is believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again. confess to Him your a sinner. and ask Him to come into your heart. you can pray something like this "God I know I'm a sinner and have done things my way, I believe in you now and ask you to come into my heart. amen.  then at that moment you are a child of God. you may say but I... doesn't matter. God knows allyou've done and will do. the thing is God loves you big time. the Bible says "god so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shal have ever lasting life. don't wait no time is better then right now. because if you don't and you die. you'll go to hell. and that is a place you don't want to go. no second chance. Heaven is the place to be. I am going there how about you?

Thursday, October 11, 2012


In our lives we have multiple relationships.  Some romantic, some acquaintances, co-workers, and others kind of unique.  As friends come into your life treasure them.  Treat them with respect and do thing for them and with them.  Friends will come and go. Some friends are meant to only be ones life tempoary. Others long term and others variying lengths.  Don't question "why" God brings this person or that person into your life. Just accept them for who they are. Just to help people be aware: I am no longer engaged to be married.  I broke this engagement and for very good reasons.  However, I do now have a special lady in my life and who knows where this relationship will lead. it is certain it is off to a good start. Her name is Tara. She lives in Minnisota. yes a long distance relationship but it is possible. treasure your relationships. you are blessed if you have at least one friend.  Stand by them through the good, bad and ugly and everything between. if thing come up that cause friction? then work them out and resolve the issues quickly. this goes even more so importantly for romantic relationships. Life is tempoary so don't worry pray often for your friends and family and relationships you have. if possible pray with your friends or significant other.  Above all show them Christ's love and i'll bee willing to bet you'll see some amazing stuff happen. if you pray with your friends it can only do one thing, and that is make that relationship stronger.  The bible tells us to pray for those who mistreat us and are "our enemies." it is a challenge but one a believer should take up and run with. weeping may last a night time but joy comes in the morning. Isay this  all to remind you: treasure your relationships because you don't know how long they last. if they depart let them go. if God wills they'll return in due time.


We as believers need to start to walk in victory.  We have victory in Jesus forever.  Jesus came and died and rose again so that we can be saved and have the victory.  You may say I don't have victory over... I say this may be so, but in the end when it is all said and done you will have victory.  It is with God's help you can and will have victory.  In my life I've been through many challenges some of which i didn't overcome, but others I have and only by God's strength.  my dear saints start living in victory and claiming it. You may say I'm no saint! I say you are.  Scripture proves this point.  In acts where it it talks of Paul's trips he always visited the "saints" so if you are a believer then you are a saint that once and a while sins.  When the Lord sees you he doesn't see the sin.  Father God sees you through Jesus.  because of whe he did on the cross. He paid for all your sins no matter what or will be. you are forgiven and therefore you can walk in victory.  


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