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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

to dream

I know I've written about this subject a few times in the past. But it needs to be revisited. I read a quote by eger alan poe "one who dreams by day is father then one who dreams at night only." You may ask: How could this be? The one who dreams at night sleeps and as the night visions go about his head he arises in the morning and thinks no more of it. The one who dreams by day this is a person who has a purpose he wants to pursue. We all have a dream unique to us. it isn't anyone elses dream but ours alone. Some say "I dream of owning a new car" they really mean "I want a better used car." Some may say "My dreams is for my children to succeed." this is a dream of sorts but it is for your children not for you directly.

You need to wake up and dream! Define your dream. What is it you really have in your heart you want to go after. Write it down. Then look for ways to pursue. It may take days weeks or even years to obtain but keep on it. eventually you'll achieve your dream. Look at that paper when you rise and when you go to sleep. This will help reinforce it in your mind and keep you focus. Spend time in prayer asking the Lord for direction in pursuing your dream. Just because youstart to have difficulty does not mean it isn't for you. Take the journey to pursue your dream. It is said that the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Take the steps in the direction of your dream and don't turn back till you reach it. Now is the Lord says "NO!" then don't but be sure and varifye the message and if it is no the Lord will make it obviously clear. Wives! if your husband decides to pursue his dream encourage him push him a little. Husbands the same thing concerning your wives. if the two of you have the same dream all the better. Ignore the doubters and shouters. Surround yourselves with people who are like minded and encourage you. The most important thing pray! if your dream is to take a vaction in europe and experience all there is. Watch movies filmed in that area. Look at brotchures and view pictures that will help reinforce the dream. Your dream may truly be for a new car. Go to car lots where those cars are you are dreaming of. Sit in them test drive them experience them. Build models of cars you wish you had. I am totally blind and you may say how can a blind man do it. Well i would gather models of the veicle I wish I had and do the same thing. Movies? yes I would watch movies filmed where I wish to visit. It is all in your mind and when you've decided your going to take that step to pursue it. Go for it! No matter how bad it gets or how bad it is you say to yourself say I'm going to make it. There are so many other things one can do to pursoe their dream. the key is pursue it and don't turn back. A dream not pursued is of no good. We all have dreams Proverbs tells us "without a vision " or "dream" the people perish. So wake! Up! lets go and I hope to see each one of you at the top.


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