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Friday, February 05, 2010

Valentine's Day

Well Valentine's day is coming. just a reminder to do something for someone to show you love them. we are commanded in Scripture to love one another so who will you show love to. You may say "I don't have enough money!" I say it doesn't take a lot of money to show someone you love them. Sometimes and actually all the time the simple fact that you put forth the effort to do something is appreciated. You can do something as simple as
1. call them on the phone
2. write a note in your words explaining how much love them tht is better then any card.
3 invite someone over for dinner, desert or coffee
4 take someone out for lunch or something.
do this for someone to show your love and it doesn't have to be romantic love. just show Christ's love for someone. even the person who disspitefully treates you. in fact I'll be willing to bbet that your act of love will turn them around. After all whatever you do is peanuts compare to what the Heavenly "Father paid for your sin. He sent His son to die for you. he rose again and offers a place in Heaven just for you free of charge. the debt has been paid. so step out and do something. keep it simple. we saints put to much emphasis on the price of the gift on this day. forget it! just do something. no matter if it is is just a hug. the fact you are showing your love is appreciated. and i'll bet that the person would be more satisfied with a simple act then the most expensive. it may be a challenge but do it. the Lord will reward you for your action of love. even if it doesn;'t seem that it is appreciated. don't do it expecting anything and I mean anything in return. just do it from the heart and watch the reaction. i'll bet that it will be priceless and worth more then you could ever dream. if you've never accept Jesus do it today. you'll be glad you did and the rewards in life and after will be more then your dreams. till next time remember I love you and more importantly God loves you. no it doesn't matter who you are or what did or didn't do Jesus loves you. and will accept you. just confess to him you sinned "messed up" and ask him to come in to your heart. he'll take care of the rest and from thatmoment on your place in heaven is secure. So show your love for someone and watch what happens.


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