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Friday, May 25, 2007

elevator laugh revisited with added information

Hello! As many of you know I posted a deal about my trip to Chicago with my mom and my sister. What I negleted to mention was what made it so funny. So if you have read the post read on if not I will restate it here. April of 2005 my mom and I along with my sister took a trip to Chicago. The purpose of the trip was to visit Doctor Mckennen for consultation for surgery. After the appointment we decided to visit on of the malls. When we got out of the car it was starting to rain. Mom proceeded to pull out her beach umbrella and in the process of putting it up almost knocked someone over. My sister and I backed away and refused to move unless she had put the umbrella away. mom insisted it was big enough for all of us to be under but we stood our ground so reluctantly mom put it back in the trunk.We arrived at the mall.This place had many many floors with a glassed in elevator for traveling up and down to them.Mom saw a listing for a store she wanted to check out so in we stepped to travel up.She was on a mission to get an umbrella.Mom proceeded to push all the buttons so that we would not pass the floor that was needed.In so doing the elevator stopped on each floor.A couple of floors up a lady got on and patiently waited to get to where she needed to go.As the elevator continued to stop at each floor and open up suddenly a awful look came on her face and she said to us,isn't the elevator going down?Mom quickly turned around to stare out the back of the elevator.In dread of not knowing what to say and also trying her best not to go into hysterics,Annette answered no we were going up that we were only going up.She then also quickly looked out the back and flew her eyes over to mom in horror with the unsaid statement,Oh No.Mom at each floor would look out the door and step back and begin to laugh and asked alright who pushed all the buttons.My sister and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders.The lady had to travel all of the way up until it would begin its descent down because there was only one elevator.Mom did find her umbrella only to have the winds of Chicago break it. I just might have to use this story in our upcoming speech contest this fall.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

toast master election update

Well it has been that time of year again. time for my toast masters club to hold our officer elections. I was not reelected President. I didn't run because according to our bilaws I could not hold consequetive terms. However I was elected to the position of Publc Relations. all ths menas is I get the word out about our club and publish our news letter and or web site. so I will be soon setting up a blog for our club so you'll see most of the goings on about my club there. it has been an awesome year and we are growing and are still in need of allyour prayers help us continue to grow and flourish.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

real live elevator laughs

Well I saw Jeannie's post about elevator laughs and had to share this one. It really did happen. As many of you all remember I have had surgery in Chicago. Well it just so happend on day we were in Chicago. My mom, sister and I. This was for my consultation appointment with Doctor McKenen. Anyway we went to the appointment then decided to check out some of the sites. It was starting to rain a little before we got out of the car. So mom decided to pull out her beach umbrella to keep us dry. My sister Annette and I backed away and said no mom. no way. [put it back or we're not moving. MOm insisted we should use it. but reluctnatly she put it back. We then went into one of the Malls there I don't remember which one. Mom saw a store she wanted to check out. however it meant for us to take an elevator ride. Mom proceded to push all the butons to get to the floor she wanted. that was alright but it was what she did at every floor that drove one nuts. she looked out the doors to check to see if were had arrived at our floor yet so watching mom jump back and forth checking each and every floor drove us nuts. and she also then proceeded to laugh. we finally arrived at the store we wanted. she found an umbrella that she could use. only to have the wind of Chicago take it and ruin it.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

toast masters conference and more

This last weekend was my District 62 Toast Masters Conference.It was an exciting weekend but much more was done,much more then just a conference.
Date line Friday May 4, 2007

We waited for my dad to arrive home from work so that mom and I could jump in the car and take off for Frankenmuth,Michigan,for my district conference.On our way there we talked about this and that,alot of gib gab.Three quarters of the way there we wound up coming upon road construction which slowed us up considerably.
At one point mom glanced over her shoulder out the window and remarked about how beautiful the sky had become with the sun going down.

We pulled into the Super 8 Motel about 10:00pm that evening and checked in.Upon getting into our room,we immediately got into our swim wear to stroll down to the hot tub that was awaiting us.From there we went to bed only to get up bright and early the next morning.
Date line Saturday May 5,2007,time 5:30am.

We received our wake up from the front desk and proceeded to struggle out of bed to get prepared for my Toast Masters Conference.But first things first,we had to get some breakfast.So mom and I left the room and went down the hallway to the breakfast room.Free mind you,so it was the best kind of breakfast food you could possibly want.We then went back to our room,ate breakfast and finished getting ready to get moving into Frankfurt.Did we say that the motel was in Birch Run? Yep,it was.
7:45 am
We arrived at the Bavarian Inn Lodge where the conference was being held and proceeded to get me signed in which included buying some raffle tickets.We also bought a book by Kathy Beaty, called Exhaggeration Aggrevation. With Kathy also being a toast master we hunted her down and askedif she would sign her book for us.

We then walked up the flight of stairs where all of the club banners were to be proudly displayed and placed our Words Of Hope along side of the others.As the call for the banner parade participants to assemble,I retrieved our clug banner and got ready with my mom to march in the parade.

The rest of the day was spent listening to exciting speeches and teaching being done on a variety of topics.They also had the evaluation contest that morning. In this contest you have what they call a target speaker and those in the contest evaluate that person. They have to speak for 2-3 minutes. We then adjurned for lunch about 11:30. Mom and I went out for lunch because I hadn't paid for lunch at the conference. We went to the Panda King Buffet, a chinese buffet restaurant,then about 10 to 1 drove back to the conference. I then heard some more great teaching. At about 3:00 we had the inteernational speech contest. These contestants had to speak for 5-7 minutes. They were all pretty awesome.
Time 4:30 pm

I was soon joined by my mom for the district council business meeting.

From there we went and had an awesome banquet.

A picture of myself,president of our club,Harvey Moore,who is soon to be our president,Joann Norman who is currently v.p of education until June 30 and her husband.
Date line Sunday May 6,2007

A drawing was held for the raffle.Mom was one number off from winning one of the prizes.I was no where near being close. We were entertained by an interesting group of german men and one lady playing the accordian and dancing and singing.

We woke up at our leisure, checked out of our motel and drove back over to Bronners. This is a 365 day a year Christmas store. When we first arrived we thought we would not be able to check it out but found that it just didn't open until 12 oclock because it was Sunday.So we drove over and got some early lunch and came back to browse for a couple of hours inside Bronners before leaving town.

We then departed from there to visit cousins Karen and Dennis. This was to make a special delivery of a rifle. We spent the night there and departed back for home the next morning.All in all I enjoyed the trip and plan on attending the District Conference in the fall which will be at Crystal Mountain,up by Traverse City.


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