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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Exciting news

Hey! I have some exciting news!! But first a little back ground. This past week Ruthann has been attending vacation Bible school at our church. A couple times or so this week she has mentioned about asking Jesus in her heart. I then would proceed if she wanted to and she would say no not today tommarrow. I didn't press the issue but prayed for her. The past several days or I should for the last 2 weeks or there abouts I've been telling her Bible stories. Well tonight was no exception to our usual routine before bed. Every night we always have a story and prayer. Well after the story "noah's Ark" be cause she wanted a story with elephants and dogs and other animals. She made the statement that she was to ask Jesus in her heart! I made sure she insisted she wanted to. so I helped her pray and she repeated after me. She is now a child of the King! it was an answer to prayer. because I've been praying for this day and asking the Lord that I be the one to witness the event. after we prayed she wanted to have me pray and be sure that I had Jesus in my heart she wanted to know if Grandma had Jesus I assured her that Grandma and Grandpa and she even asked about Great Grandma Strube and Walt. I assured her that Great Grandma Strube had asked Jesus in her heart. she then prayed for Misty and Buffy that the Lord would come in their hearts. so tonight is a awesome! night. My daughter is a child of God! Praise the Lord!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

after church

This past Sunday after church Ruthann did something interesting. We had decided to go out to eat. My parents drove separte cars that day because I am helping with Sunday school and mom wasn't quite ready to go. anyway after church Ruthann led me to my dad out in the parking lot and stated "you go with papa, I go with grandma." it was done with a smile and so cute one couldn't help but laugh and agree with her. We then proceded to head for Red Robin and have lunch. I ordered a chil and got a order of cheese sticks. Ruthan tried one and a little while later schootched over a little and put her arm around me and asked me for another one. so I guess I've found another thing she likes.


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