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Friday, April 09, 2010

seen and heard

sometimes God's people should be seen and not heard. these we have way to much talk and not enough walk. God gave us 2 ears one mouth. that should tell us something. we christians love to talk and at times it is alright but sometimes we should keep mouth shut listen and walk the walk. it is difficult i know. but it is easy to talk the talk but when push comes to shove and ruber meets road. we often find excuses and give them as to why we don't walk. i am just as guilty as anyone else. but am beginning to see that sometimes it is better to be quiet. there have been times when i spoke to much and should have listened more. we need to listen twice as much as we speak. and think befor you speak. for every one negative comment you tell someone it takes 4 possititve ones to override it. example "you just baught a new dress or suit. everyone who sees it is saying how good it looks. but one person who says it isn't you or that doesn't look good. many times then you'll head right back to the store seeking a refund. use your words carefully. i've always said it is not what you say it is how you say what you say. that conveys message. whether it is the one you wanted to convey or not it is conveyed nonetheless. if memory serves me correctly Solomn even wrote on this matter. so think befor you speak and watch and see what happens. and sometimes even though you want to speak. don't! because sometimes that is why the person is doing or saying what they are saying or doing. so they can get a reaction from you. and they know you'll say something. but if you keep the lips zipped. then it will stop often times and they'll probably wonder why? and that is perfect opportunity to reflect God's love and show grace. and who knows you may be able to help win a soul to Christ.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

forgiveness and love!

It has come to my attention that many churches teach but seem to seldom practice forgiveness and love. they speak about it until the cows come home. but when time to practice it is rare or if it is practice it is practice with the attitude "i'll do it if i have to" this is wrong.

You may ask "how often should I forgive?" I say limitless. we should forgive all things no matter what the isue. I know some things are harder to forgive then others but forgive anyway. I know offenses are repeated often. Forgive any. Jesus has forgiven them and has forgiven us for all things. so we should follow in step. afterall our goal is to be like him. Love them all the time and no matter what they've done. God loves them and sent His Son Jesus to die and rise again for them. so we should love them. some are harder to love then others i know. but that is no excuse. as stated in a previous post "no such thing as unloveable."

one may ask "buthe is abusive." I say get out o the situation but love them anyway and forgive. not in wordonly but in speech and action. it iseasy to say "i love you!" or I forgive you" but often our actions reflect something different. and when you sy these say fo from the heart. and ean it. the way you say wll have a dramatic influence.

it is far time the church steps up and sarts truly living theway we are commanded. without "what's init forme" attitude. Christ went to th cross and rose again for or sin and has and ill forgiv us no matter what we do or how often we do it. so it is time for us to follow him. you will say but he was perfect. I say no excuse. forgive and love. will you forget probably not but you should put it ehind you and not carry it on your shoulder ike a chipdaring someone to knock it off. in closing "lt go and let God!" love all and forgive all. you'll be surprised the change taht will take place over time. and if someone asks why then that your opportunity to say "because Jesus loves you" and who knows tha may be your chance dear saints to win a soul for the Lord. and that is our goal. we really have no choice o this issue. we are commanded to love and told to forgive. so stop not doing it and start doing it. no matter what. who knows what will happen.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

church growth?

Many people have often said "I'd really like to see our church grow but..." the but is usually followed by "I can't" or "I don't know..." or even "it is not up to me it is the pastor or deacons responsiblity." That is false. it is up to each and everyone of us to help in whatever way we can. it may be simple as praying for the church which we all should do. maybe helping put togather the bulletin. there are mutiple ways to help. talking with your friends with out fear of them stopping being a fried. invite invite invite. bring it up in conversation casually. also help lan events at your church to bring people to. but most important pray for your church. and look for ways to serve. you may be unnoticed but the Lord sees it. He promises in His word "what is done in secret will be rewarded openly." reward shouldn't be your motivation but the Lord should be. Love love and love anyone and everyone as we are commanded. there is no such person "unloveable." we all would fall in that catagory but Father God sent His Son Jesus anyway to die for our sins and he rose again like he promised. so we should love one and all no matter what. some I will admit are harder then others but love anyway. in the end you may see amazing thngs happen that even you didn't expect. so how do we expand the church. stand on the promises not sit on the premises and take action. no matter how large or small it may be. you'll be glad you did others in the church will appreciate it and the Lord will reward you for it. you don't need to be a scholar to help just help. look for ways and offer help. and keep offering to help until they find a way to have you help. they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. so until next time. the Lord loves you and so do I.


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