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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

update on Harvey

well here is another update. Harvey has been moved to a long term facility. He has more or less come out of his coma. He is still not talking yet. before he was moved his daughter-in-law has been to see him regularly to hel shave him. he has opened his eye and she asked him if he could see her. he would respond by squeezing her hand. Hoever a friend from toast masters has visited him this past Saturday and told us tonight that Harvey wasn't responsive really. so please keep praying. I will see about getting a picture posted. so you can see who your praying for. but have no clue how to put it here on my posting at the moment so if anyone can help let me know.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

harvey update

I have an update on my friend Harvey. He has had histreck tube has been removed and he is breathing on his own. He has opened his eyes. He seems to be moving it is as if he is reflecting and speaking but he isn't talking yet. his mind seems to be alert and he seems to understnd what is being said but not certain. he will be moved to a new facility soon. when I don't know. so plese keep praying. We serve an awesome God and one that answers prayers big time! You all can't understand and believe how excited and thrilled I am to hear this news. I had all I could to do to keep quiet late last night when I got the news.

Friday, October 12, 2007

additional information about Harvey

Harvey is a christian for sure. no doubt in my mind and no doubt he comes from a christian family his children are as well. this is sad they just lost his parents about 2 months go and tht was sad because he lost his mom first then his dad passed on about a week or so later. for more on his condition revisit the previous post. I will try and updte everyone as much as possible when i can.

please pray

I should have posed this sooner. but I am needful of you to please pray for my friend Harvey Moore and his family. Harvey is in the hospital and is in a coma. here is how it happened. On October the 3rd Harvey was on his bike on his way home from work. next thing is he is in the hospital. they originally thought he was hit by a car. he had some bleeding in the brain and a cut on his forhead. no other external injuries. it was later determined that it was probably due to untreated high blood pressure. he was edmitted to the hospital about 6 in the evening. at this point is still in a coma. Friday the doctors gave the family the word that they should probably consider to pull the plug. the family has chose not to but to trust God. On Sunday I got a email saying that he is in stable condition and that the bleeding has begun to clot. more good news on Tuesday I heard that he has what is refered to as command response. if they speak loud to him and tell him to move his toes for example he resonds and moves his toes. he is still unconscious but please continue to pray for him and his family. also pray for our toast masters club. he was our club president. also the area governor for toast masters. he is in spectrum buttworth hospital. also pray for me. Harvey is a dear friend and it is hard for me. I love the guy and want to see him back to normal again and there is a part of me that wishes that it was me in his place and not him. he has impacted my life in a lot of ways. thanks


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