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Sunday, July 26, 2009

man after God's heart

For a while now I've been wondering and questioning how "David" could be called "a man afterGods own heart." I think I have now come to the reason. While indeed he did sin. Who doesn't? He committed adultery, had some killed on purpose and did other things. But I think he was considered to be a man after God's own heart because of the fact that he repented of his sin. Showed true sorrow for his sin and turned from his ways. I think when we sin which we often times do in order to be called the same we need to show true sorrow for out sin and show that we are going to turn from that sin and not repeat it. if we do then repent and be truly sorry for it. one of the things that will help keep us from sin and I am not saying make us perfect because we'll mess up. that is do what the apostle Paul commanded in 2 Corinthians 10. where he says for us to "take very thought captive and make it subject to the obedience of Jesus Christ" this is easier said then done I realize. but David did it and look what is said of him. we as Christians are to often times quick to act or react to situations. we don't think and then often times sin as a result of our action. if we slow down think and listen to the Holy Spirit more often then well things may be different in our lives. God does speak to us today like or simular to how he spoke to the disciples of old. case in point I was living in Omaha and was spending time in prayer and reading my Bible and was really seeking God to heal me of my Neurofibromatosis, blindness and my diabetes and I stopped speaking in prayer, shut off my worship music closed my Bible and heard a voice a clear as one hears another speak to them. say "daniel do you want me to heal you because you want it or are you willing to wait and le me have my plan work in you and move forward that way." I was stunned this hadn't happened to me before and I'll admit I didn't know how quite to respond. I said Lord you know my thoughts I really am not sure. I then went in my apartment and spoke to my Catholic roommate and told him what had just happened. He asked me "how did you respond" I told him I don't know." well to make a long story short I chose to allow the Lord to have his way and wait. while it would be awesome to be healed of all this the Lord has a reason for it all and he will reveal his plan slowly and surely and in his time. taking every thought captive is a challenge and I have failed many times but the more I practice it the more close I start to feel I am getting to the Lord and that is important. I ask you my readers to now keep me in big time prayer for a "job of course" but as of this week I am now heading up a prayer ministery at church. I am going to see that we have myself to start and if others will step up will be praying during both services in the moring. the entire service covered in prayer. got the idea from the book "fresh wind fresh fire" I read this book about 6 years ago. well recently the Lord brought it to my mind. I presented the idea to my pastor and this morning he had be stand before the church and he told of the plan. come to find out this is something he was wanting to see happen. this ministery will be in place to pray during both services and if some one needs prayer during or after then the team will pray with th people. the Lord laid on my heart that many of his people who claim to be called by his name take prayer to lightly. it is indeed our mightiest weapon we have against Satan. it is going to be tough and a huge responsiblity but the Lord will guide direct and see it happen.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I've been thinking olately. I realze that some of yu reading this are saying "oh know!" "duck and cover!" settle down. I'veen thinking on the issue of prayer. How many of us sometimes take it for granit and some christians don't even take it serious enough.

First of all what is prayer? Well it is simplely talking with our Father in heaven. That's right I said "talking with" not talking to. many churches say it is talking to God. Well when you talk "to" someone you don't expect an answer or reply of any type. you are just talking. Well when we pray we are expecting an answer to our request and needs and issues. When you talk with someone you expect the same thing.

how should one pray? well there isn't any magic formula to prayer. You don't have to say magic words or pray formal. Just simplely be yourself and tell our Lord what is troubling you. Be upfront and honest. He knows the situtation anyway so you won't shock him or surprise him or catch him off guard. But telling him and talking with him like this helps you get it off your chest and you are taking thestp and acknowledging that you need help. that is the first step any resolution. you can pray standing, sitting laying onyour stomach, laying on your back sitting on your knees standing on one foot. however you are most comfortable. you can even pray while driving. one would say you can't because you needs your eyes open to drive. I say where in scripture does it say you have to close your eyes to pray. unstanderabely keeping your eyes closed keeps you from being distracted but that is all it does. you don't even have to bow your head when you pray. we get off to much as christians and to try and formalize how one has to pray. scripture just tells us to pray. it doesn't give a formal formula as to the position that is best.

how should I pray? as I stted before it doesn't matter when Jesus taught his disciples he gave them a model we need to say "our father" that is simplely address the Lord direct your statement like when you are talking with your kids or wife you state their name so they know who is being spoken to. acknowledge where he is this is to remember the our Father is in Heaven and then the rest is pretty basic.

if more of us christians took prayer serious then we would see changes happen. when you tell someone you are going to pray do it. don't just say you will. to many of say" I will be praying for you" and how many of us will admit that we actual follow through. and when you pray do it from the heart. don't just say the words to make yourself look good but mean what you pray and be serious. treat it as if you are talking with "your best friend" afterall Jesus is our best friend and guide. we expect others to respect us us when the talk with us let's get to respecting our Father in heaven when we pray and watch and see what happens. let's get old mr. ugly on the run. stop fighting each other over stupid stuff and unite together in prayer and set the world on fire and watch the Lord work wonders. prayer is easy. but it is a challenge because we do have distractions but always take time out to pray and when you say will pray do it otherwise keep your mouth shut and don't promise something you have no intent on doing at all.

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