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Saturday, June 19, 2010

wake up and dream

Hey! Do you know what time it is? it is time to wake up and dream! I realize this is kind of odd. but each and every one of you have a dream. I know it. and it is unique to you. it is nota dream that your mom, dad or anyone has. while it may be kind of the same it is as unique as you are.

you may say it is not possible to achieve my dream. you're right! if you believe you can or if you believe you can't you are right. There are many ways to achieve your dream. First and formost decide to do it. That is the first step.

Write your dream downon paper. then in front of witnessses seal it in an envelope. this action denotes that it is a done deal and sealed.

next have it writen down and look at it when you wake and when you go to sleep. this will engrain it in your mind. say to yourself "no matter how bad it is or how bad it gets I am going to make it." it isn't up to anyone else to make it happen but you.

For some their dream is in reality a new car. they'll say "a new used car." but reality says a new car. if that is your dream, go to lots and check it out. if you are looking and your young the sales clerk may say "your a little young to be looking for a vehicle like this!" say in reply "it doesn't take age it takes money." they will back down big time. if your dream is travel. look at movies brochures or pictures that show your dream area. you'll say to me "Dan, your blind how can you do that." I'll say that there are models and such that i can get that symbolize my dream. as to travel I can listen to movies that are filmed in my dream area.

while pursuing your dream talk with others about it and get information. never give up. don't put your dream on a shelf. it may take a long time to achieve your dream. but it is possible. say to your self "if it is going to be it is up to me." others can help you get there but ultimately it is up to you.

lastly but not less important. pray! seek the Lord and ask for direction. Trust in the Lord and He'll help you make it happen. the word says "without vision the people perish. so people all have a dream. it is up to you to realize it. take action and go for it. I hope to one day see each and every one of you at the top!


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