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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

gum fun

Well I need to ask everyone to please pray for me. Yesterday I went in to see the dentist to have 4 teeth removed. this is in preparation of getting some false teeth. just my bottom teeth were removed. still have all my top ones. the appointment was supposed to be at 2:45 but I didn't get in until about quarter to 4 and the torture didn't start until about 4. and 45 minutes later with gause in mouth left the office. now the boring eating takes place. soft food. oh boy!! the exciting part of the day was however we got a couple of passes good for 4 people to see kong fue panda. for Wednesday night at 7. the way this happened was I had entered Ruthann to win tickets to Michigan Adventure. she won!!! when we picked up the tickets they asked if we wanted the movie tickets as well. we of course took them. so tonight it will be off to the movies. and in 4 weeks I go in for my new teeth. it should be all good. by the way he also had to trim some of my gum. anyway will keep you all posted.

Monday, June 02, 2008

hospital adventure

Well I am back with yet another posting. This one is serious but interesting at the same tie. As many of you know I am diabetic. Well this past Saturday, May 31, 2008, I took a trip to the emergency room at Spectrum Butterworth hospital. I was feel light headed and was short of breath. felt like my sugar was quite high. I called 911. they arrived and check my sugar and sure enough it was (480) which is a bit to high! off to the emergencry room I go. while they did manthought you had to be pregnant to have one of those done. anyway it took eternity (13) hours for them to transfer me to a regular room. then my night nurse never got me my sleeping pill I requested. so I got no sleep. she told me she came in and thought I was a sleep because I was quiet. she then went on break and forgot about mme. by the time she remembered the pill it was to late. I then me with the doctor about 9 or there abouts on Monday morning. he he advised I would be discharged. we didn't leave the hospital untal about 1:30 monday afternoon. all is good now just have to check my sugar 4 times a day now instead of 2 and need to drink a mixture potasium 3 times a day. my next adventure will take place on Jun 3, 2008 I get four or five teeth pulled to get ready for some false teeth for my bottom.. what fun!!!! lol. y tests and decided to keep me. come to find out part of my problem was I was quite acidic. they decided to keep me. they put me in icu. I was hooked to so many wires that if I didn't know better I was a sound board for a sound system. took sever naps that day. then on Sunday got visitors from friends and family. Saturday night My pastor and best friend Donnie cam for a visit. Sunday morning met with the doctor and he told I would be transfered to a different room. before his visit though they took an utrasound of my heart. I never had one and didn't kknow they did that. I


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