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Monday, January 26, 2009

ruthann part 2

Well let's continue. I left with Andi and headed back to her apartment. before that we told Jennifer we'd be back in the morning. on the way home stopped through the drive through for burger king. when we arrived at the appartment we told Sam Andi's husband about the day. i went to the back bed room. I think i was a sleep before my head even hit the pillow. The next day was spent at the hospital. I went to the nursery to see Ruthann and as I was bending over the crib she bopped me in the nose. it was as if she was saying ok dad pick me up already. so I did. we then brought her to mom "jennifer" during that day we had a few visitors come into see us. then that night I returned back to the apartment with andi. Sunday morning woke up and headed with sam and andi for church. I went before the church and anounced about Ruthann's birth. On the way to the hospitalafter church Jennifer called me on the cell phone and said Ruthann had a case of Jondis. I hope i spelled that correct. I hung up and paniced. Was assured by andi and the person giving us a ride not to worry. it is common. but i still was concerned. after all i was a new dad. anyway spent the day at the hospital and this time stayed the night. spent most of monday there and head back to the apartment to make sure all was ready for Ruthann's arrival home. while there I opend a tun of gifts. you see what I didn't mention was Saturday was supposed to be a baby shower at the church for Jennifer and at my work they were going to have a shower ofsorts. both of course didn't happen. Now what i didn't mention. Before Ruthann was born I wasn't sure if I wanted to be in the room during her delivery. but after a lot of thinking and talking with Sam i chose to. I in fact was even going to cut the cord. but that didn't happen due to the fact we had Ruthann via c-section. Now she is 7 years old and has grown to know the Lord as her savior and is awesome. that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


As many of you know today is Ruthann's birthday. she is now 7 years old today. But I am sure tht not al of youare knowedgeable about the story of her birth. well here it goes: It was April of 2001 when I got the news that my wife was pregnant. I was both excited and scared as to what was going to happen. I remember when i got the news we were talking with someone aboutgetting a voucher for low income housing. Jennifer "now x" said she had taken a home check test. we soon after went and saw the doctor to know for sure. Well the doctor confirmed it. the next several months were spent getting ready. many appointments and searching for an apartment. June of that year we got news from a friend of Jennifer's mom that her mom was in the hospital and not expected to survive. Jennifer then took a bus trip to see her mom. I stayed behind and worked. Well Jennifer came back and not long after that we got the phone call that he mom had passed on. she died from bone cancer. We went to the funerial. got back and a few months got an apartment. now you have the back ground now for the day of er birth. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning as usual. got ready for work. this was going to be my last day was going to take time off for leave for Ruthann's birth. I arrived t work and on the way in my friend and I were talking and he joked and said she might be born today! I stated no way she wasn't due for about another week. Got in and grabed a coffee and snack from the lunch room. I then called Jennifer to tell her i arrived safe. this wa normal. Sh advised she would probably need to change the sheets. my first thought was "why were you sick?" she said no I think my water broke. she said to call her back in about 10 minutes. I went to my preshift meeting and my supervisor told me i wouldn't be staying. I said we don't know she said she had had 3 kids and knows. well we had the meeting. I went and made the call. came back told my supervisor i was leaving. threw my shoes in my back pack threw on my boots. a co-worker came and offered me a ride. I stuttered and said i had a ride. another supervisor laughed and said not nervous are we? i stuttered and said no. we arrived at the hospital at about7:30 in the morning and sure enough things were on target. she was about 2 or 3 centimeters dialeted. well the hours wore on and on. finally the time came. Andi "jennifer's adopted sister" and i staqrted the encouraging her to push. this was around 8:30 or so in the evening. Well they decided they would have to do a c section. I was tossed scrubs and got hurriedly in them and Andi and I raced to follow. at 9:04 that evening Ruthann was born. she was 8 pounds 6.4 ounces and 20 and a quarter inches long and her head was 14 and 3 quarter inches. while in the nursery my sugar started to drop and i got help. anyway more to come at another time this already gettng long. stay tuned for a part 2.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

just reach out

I was thinking today. I know some of you are saying "o o" "that's dangerous" I know but got to do it. anyway I was thinking of the song by Petra "just reach out" at least tht is what I think it is called. the corus says" just reach and he'll reach in, doesn't matter who you are or where you've been just reach out and he'll reach in" it is a pwerful song. that is all we need to do is reach to our Lord and he'll reach in clean us up and make a new. we are already a new creature when we accept im as savior. No longer sinners but saints. we are now saints that once and a while. this is scriptureal. every letter Paul wrote was to the "saints" in acts we see he went and saw the "saints" but we need to reach out and ask our father to help us. it is kind of like when we fall and injur our knee. when we were kids. we would reach to our mom or dad and they would reach to us cleanse the wound and help it to heal. the same is with our Lord. many of us may have baggage we are carrying that is tareing us up but let go reach and He'll reach in cleanse and help us move on. but we shouldn't stop there should reach out to others who need our help no matter who they are. they may smell bad or dress shabby or are worthless according to the standards of society. but they are priceless to our Lord and should be to us as well. it amazes me what the Lord does when he cleans up someone who is so far gone. the transformation is amazing. can be in our lives if we are willing to step out and get the party started. anyway this is already long I could go on for a lot longer but I think I will let you ponder what i have said here. May the Lord richly bless each and everyone of you my friends and family and those who are just passing by to read. I'm not perfect and am be cleaned up but will shine brighter with each stroke of the cleansing power of our Lord.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

the bite is on

Well as many of you my faithful blog readers know I've been trying to get bottom teeth. Well this past January 14, 2009 I got some answers. Mom, Ruthann and I took a trip to the University of Michigan Dental hospital. We left a bit later then planned but still got there fine. saw about 8 or 9 slide offs on the way but we stayed safe. I was to have 2 appointments that morning. The first was to be with the dentist and the second with the oral surgeon. We arrived late for the first and were on ime for the second. But good thing was I still saw both. At 11:13 a.m I was called back to the dental chair. There I sat and sat and sat. I start to think I was forgotten. So I purposefully whistled hummed and made some noise. No one said anything. I did hear someone come in at one point but they left as quick as they came in. Finally after about a hour and a half the dentist or I should say his assistant came in for the dental check. He stated that they've been busy. He did his check. then leaves. comes back and tells me the oral surgeon will be in about 8 minutes. Sure enough he was. The bottom line is what is going to happen is this: they are going to put in for posts in my mouth. then when they're healed I go back in for the full bottom teeth. When? I don't know I have to see a couple first. I am waiting to hear from scheduling hopefully we'll be able to do those two appointments on the same day. Through it all Ruthann was awesome. She was quiet for the most part on the way down and was quiet on the way home. We kept her with us because she had only half day of school that day so no sense sending her. Stay tuned the saga continues.

Monday, January 05, 2009

bell ringing friends

the picture of me at the table is me of course and a couple of my bell ringing comrads the gentle men is Jack. he was a riot and always picked on me but i picked back. the lady is Birdeen we called her bird. she was pretty. the other two ladies at a table were my boss Major Joy and the younger of the two was I think Lisa but not 100% certain but pretty sure.


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