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Monday, February 16, 2009

finding beauty

We often seem to over look beauty in many things. We often think of beauty in flowers or the way a person looks. Beauty can be found in many forms and styles. Like the way a person smiles or they way they say something. Also in the way something is writen. But often we refuse to look at those people who on the outside appear shabby and ugly. But their inner beauty is awesome. It is these types of people that often surprise us. We should look for beauty in all things. After all the Lord created all things and Solomn even said He makes all things beautiful in his time. So the next time you see something unordinary or unusual before you pass judgment on it and call it ugly. Think and see or dig deeper for the inner beauty tat may be waiting to be tapped. You never know. Yes beauty is something simple and coyuld be "hello" that may be beautiful to someone to hear because they probably don't get to many people even giving them the time of day. Beauty isnt the same for everyone I realize that but all things are beautiful and it is not right for anyone to criticize anyone for calling something beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder remember that but always remember all is beautiful and thank God for the beauty.

Friday, February 13, 2009

victum or victor

Many of us face different decisions throughout our days. Some of these decisions are easy and some difficult. Some we may not see results from for a long time. But the bottom line is you can choose "to be a victum" or "b a victor" it is your choice and only you can make that decision. choosing to be a victor means stepping up and doing what needs to be done. a victor sees each difficulty as a chance to grow and become stronger. a victum sees each difficulty and a means of persecution and attack and the victum runs and tries to hide their face from the challenge. a victor says "I can do it and if I can't I can find a way to get it done" a victum ays "why is everyone picking on me... I cant' I can't it is to difficult. get someone else and leave me alone" now is every obstacle easy no is the victor always full of smiles "no" but he is continually looking for ways to move forward and learn from each challenge. the victum looks to hide and stay stuck on stupid. yu can say "pity poor me i'll never get through it" or you can say "let's go with the Lord's help one way or another we will get through it." i've always said what doesn't kill one makes one stronger. attitude is a decision no akes you"angry sad or happy" yo choose how ou'll respond and the way you respond wil have a impact on the outcome.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

raising funds

I wanted to come in here and let everyone know of a fund raiser that I am involved with. As many of you my faithful readers know I have Neurofibromatosis "nf" well I have been asked to participate in a fun run walk this year. it is the River Bank Run/walk. it is a long race but well worht it. I am raising funds for nf to find a cure. you can donae to my cause by visiting my website at: http://www.firstgiving.com/danielstrube. any amount is appreciated. will keep everyone posted as to how I do. it is May 9, 2009. thanks in advance.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


I wasjust thinking about prayer. it is a weapon that is mighty. but it is one that we as christians sometimes misues or use selfishly and sometimes don't use enough. grab a cup of coffee this going to be a bit long probably. One thing i've noticed with christians today and I have been guilty of this myself: is that we tell a person "I'll pray for you about...." then how often do we actually follow through. we stay with it until we see results or do we not do it. just say we will because we feel obligated. that to me is insulting promising to pray and not following through. but with our own personal prayer life when we pra what is our motive. are motivated by desire to see the Lord's will or do we ant our own selfish desire. i'll admit sometimes I pray selfishly but the Lord knows my heart. I think though the best answers to prayer are those "unanswered" we should always be praying and stick with it until we see results of some sort or another. let me step back a moment and define prayer: prayer is simplely "talking with our Father" yes I said "with" not "to" but "with" we are talking with our father and in doing so need to show the respect he deserves and when we pray mean what we pray and not just pray because we feel obligated. and when the Lord brings someone to mind out of the blue during the day. pray for them you never know what they are going through at that moment it may be needed. i've found this true. in fact when speaking with a friend of mine a while back she was telling me how she got through a situation that didn't seem like she would. I asked about what time and she told me "x" time and i was caused to remember that was about the time I was paying for that person. prayer works. it may seem like it doesn't sometimes and it seems like we pray forevetr for something before we get the answer or wake up and see the answer but God does answer in "His time!" not ours. so be quick to pray it is powerful but be careful not to promise to pray for someone about something unless you intend fully to follow through. we should always pray Paul tells us "pray without ceasing" this means always keep the lines of communication open and be ready to listen. you may or may not like the answer but accept it and move forward and let the Lord work.


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