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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wake Up!!! and Dream!!!

That's right wake up!!!! and dream. you will say "Daniel that is kind of difficult isn't it?" I say a big fat resounding NO!!! Because we all have a dream that is near and ear to us and ours alone. We all have dreams for our family and those dreams we strive to succeed to make happen. But how many of us actually go after our own dream. I say to you that you have a dream burning in your heart that is waiting to come forth and be realized. It is no one eleses dream but yours and yours alone. It is a God given desire and dream. You may say "I have a dream that my kids... or my dream is that we be out of debt." these are awesome dreams but they are not yours actually. Some of you may have a dream to be a writer or singer or maybe even like myself a dream to be a well knwon public speaker. These are your dreams and it is time to wake up and dream. Go after it. You may say how? well simple first write it out in print or braille some way for you to see it in writing. voice it to others. next put the writen statement in anenvelope and ceal it shut and do it before witnesses. This is symbolic way saying it is a done deal. then have another copy that you can look at on a regulary basis. Look at it every day. Next you'll need to state put action behind the words. Some of the things you can do are: talk to others who have achieved in the area you wish to to achieve your dream. watch movies based on your dream. for those of you who have good sight buy or get pictures of your dream. look at those pictures. if you are a totally blind individual no problem get models of your dream. most important don't give up. no matter how bad it gets you will make it. surround yourself with others who will help push you forward. look for opportunities to see your dream. if it is a new car then look at them in the car lot for a blind person who wants a car he or she can purchase models to look at and take a friend to the dealer ship and ride in said car. The car sales person may say "you are a little young to want something like this!" say to him in return "it doesn't take age it takes money!" he will back down right quick. above all else pray and pray and pray over and over about your dream ask the Lord for guidance and tohelp keep your eyes open. we all have dreams in fact scripture says: "Without a dream the people perish." So wake up dream go for it. to to silence all the doubters and shouters and nay sayers and go for it. I believe in you and I know it is possible. Matthew 1 37 says "with God nothing is impossible" and Philipians 4 13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me." you already have the strength to go for and achieve your dream. what are you waiting for? for forth and dream! and I will one day see you at the top.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

race day

Well as many of you know I've been raising funds for nf inc. well yesterday was racing day day. it was the 25k. you can still go to my website and make a donation if you wish. I rode mostly in the stroller you see with the people you see they were my team. it was a great day and except for the rain fun was had by all. I will do it again if i get the opportunity
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

what others think

Why worry about what others think? I ask you my readers this serious question. Especially those who profess to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Why do we often times get caught in worrying what others: "will say" "will think" "will do" STOP!!! we shouldn't do that. First of all to worry is sin. Scripture says in Philipians 4 that "be anexous for "owrry" about nothing..." So why worry. Worry only causes us to get frustrated upset and not to mention over time will cause a number of health issues. The only thing that should concern us is is: "what will the Lord think about how I am speaking or what I am saying and what will the Lord think about my dress or if I go to this or that. He is and should be our final authority. after all it hs the Lord who'll we have to answer in the end anyway. What others think shouldn't matter squat. it is great to get imput but let the Holy Spirit be your guide and consult God's word then make a decision. others oppinion will change like the weather pending on their mood at the time and a number of influences that may be forcing or seemingly forcing them to react or choose to do xyz. Now you may say "do youpractice this?" I tell you I do and have for a little bit but do sometimes drop the ball. but I think if we live like this we will be happier for the most part may possibely loose some friends but if we loose them they were not really our friend to begin with. because a friend will not chide you for your decision. they don't agree always and shouldn't always agree but if they know that you've prayed over it and are striving to live a life that honors your Lord then they will respect you and who knows maybe by living like this what impact you will have for the cause of Christ. This doesn't mean just say whatever you will. you should always and I mean aaaaalllllllaaaaaaays think before you speak and or act. the Lord gave us 2 ears one mouth so we are to listen twice as much as we speak. like I said imput from family and friends is all good and I am not saying don't seek their imput but don't base your decision on "if i do..." "what will so and so think or say." the mind in us should also be "the mind of Christ" Paul exhorts us this in 2 corinthians. anyway may you all have a blessed day and don't be afraid to step out and do. so what if you step on a toe or two. toes will heal and you will survive so be bold be strong and be courageous but above all do it with Love and prayer and with the Lord's guidance.


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