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Monday, February 19, 2007

t.v debute

As many of you know I've been working with a crew from discovery. Well as many of you know the program was aired on February 7. it was awesome! I will admit it was better then I expected it was going to be. What impressed me was the enclusion of my parent's prayer. all in all it was awesome. also I was in the Grand Rapids press that day. Front page! that was amazing! I knew I would be in the paper but didn't expect front page. You may ask if my life has really changed much since this was aired? well not really. people have stopped me in the mall saying they saw the program and such. but not much has really changed as of yet. anyhow hope that all are doing well and staying out of trouble. I realize this is not my usual posting but well just wanted to come in and give everyone an up date. Lord knows that we put a lot of taping in with the crew and some of the taping I wished had gotten on the program didn't make it. but that is the nature of t.v I suppose.


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