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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

God Speaks part 2

To continue from my previous post. God often uses people to speak. You will never know. Let me share an example. I attended State Technical Institute in Plainwell, Michigan. it has since changed its name to Michigan Career and Technical training. Anyway, while I was there I taught a Bible study. It was on a Saturday night or maybe it was on Friday. I met a gentlemen by the Name of Terry. I met him in the laundry room. I talked with him for a bit and invited him to my Bible study. He said he'd try and be there. The night of the Bible study came and it began to look like no one was coming. Terry showed up. We opened in prayer and I began teaching. I think I was teaching out of Luke 15 the Prodigal Son. I then for some reason at a given point felt that the Holy Spirit wanted me hit Ephesians 6. Putting on the Armor of God. As we ended the study and were getting ready to pray. Terry was in tears. He said "Dan how did you know?" He repeated this a few times. I stated I didn't know but the Lord knew and He used me to communicate to you a message. We then prayed and he left for his room. I must confess I didn't know. I had only met this gentlemen a few days befor and really didn't see him since. So God does speak today. Sometimes He himself or the Holy Spirit. Sometimes he'll use a Bible verse. Sometime people. But mark my words He speaks. We need to shut our moths and listen. It may catch us off guard but for sure it is exciting. The other exciting that happened that night. After the study concluded. My roommate came rushing in a bit out of breath. He sat beside me on the bed and I had the opportunity to lead him to the Lord. it wasn't until the next day I over heard in my class that a Saeance took place the floor above me. it happened right about the same time I was led to Ephesians 6. Chance? No God knew. God speaks moves in ways that even I marvel at.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

God Speaks

It is debated among Christians as to "does God still speak like he used to?" I am here to say without a doubt He does. I have an example of this. Many of you, my dear readers, know that I am diabetic. I was diagnosed with it in March of 1998. Also many of you know that I am totally blind and have Neurofibromatosis. Well the Summer of 1998 I was sitting on my Balconey reading the Bible and listening to praise music and praying. Earnestly praying that the Lord would heal me of all these issues. Then at one point I decided that I spoke enough. I closed my Bible and turned off the music. Then I really listened. It was at that moment I heard in a very distinct and audible voice: "daniel do you want me to heal you for your purposes? or are you willing to be the way you are and let me work my work in you." this was something that caught me off guard and wasn't sure how to respond. Being a Baptist all my life it never happened to me before. I was always taught God doesn't speak to us like He used to. I folded up my chair and carried my stuff in. I then related my experience to my Catholic roommate. He said "so how did you respond?" I stated still in shock that I wasn't sure. but later that evening I decided that His way is best and submitted my will to His. God speaks today no doubt about it. It may be like I experienced or a scripture we read or a friend or coworker. He'll use any means neccessary that will cause us to hear the message. the Holy Spirit is in a believers heart and sad to say is often ignored. If we just take the time to shut our mouths and stop and listen, you never know what you may hear. God gave us two ears and one mouth. that means something. What? you might ask. It means we should listen twice as much as we speak. often times our mouths cause termoil and problems that could be avoided if we'd only listen a bit. But be sure when youhear a voice thqat you are aware of the source. Satan candistract us sometimes disguising the message slightly so it looks good. But be assured that my God loves you and I love you and am praying for you. I've been called many things in my lifetime. Some good and some not so good. But the greatest compliment was "you need prayer? talk with Daniel he's a pray warrior." So until next time may the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine on you and may He give you his peace.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Labor Day

This year was an unusual year in many respects. Every year on Labor Day they have a bridge walk. It is not a short walk, about 5 miles.lol. I asked mom and dad about going and doing the Macinaw Bridge walk. It is an anual event. Even our governor takes part. It starts at 7am and the last group to start their treck is at 11am.When I asked about going, my mom said she would have to talk to dad. She also indicated she was concerned about gas,and about getting up so early,in the morning. I offered to foot the bill for the gas.So I patiently waited for their decision. This was on Saturday. Having not heard anything I inquired Sunday afternoon while at lunch. It was then decided we would go and do it.Instead of going up that night we decided to drive up the morning of. This is a 4 hour treck. so mom set her alarm for 4:00am and finally rose fifteen minutes later,and began to slowly get ready. I've done the walk before so I was the veteran of the group. Neither RuthAnn nor my parents have ever done it. So we left for the trip. We did the walk. It went well for the most part. RuthAnn did amazing. However Grandpa "my dad" carried her some of the way. After we completed the walk we took the shuddle back across so we could get our van. Had we just parked on the other side we would have saved the bridge fare.When we got back to the other side we decided we'd get something to eat. After this we browsed some of the shops. RuthAnn and I tried on some interesting hats, it was fun. We stopped at a t-shirt place and I and Ruthann both got a t-shirt. Mine said "bridge walk 2010 I did it again." on the back it gave facts about the bridge. RuthAnn's shirt showed the bridge and I think it said "Mackinaw Bridge Walk. It was tempting but i didn't give in to buy some Macinaw Island fudge.As the time was getting later we needed to get going because Ruthann had school in the morning. We drove and it began to down pour rain, but we stopped anyway to look at some animals that Ruthann was wanting to see. not real animals,mind you. So mom and her put their jackets over their heads so they could keep some what dry. While dad and I stayed in the van.As we drew near to home we stopped at RuthAnn's favorite place for dinner. where? You may ask. Why McDonalds of course. And on the way home RuthAnn requested to have permission to wear her new shirt to school.Permission granted. The next morning as she got ready she was quick to remember her new shirt and wore it with great pride. The experience was awesome. Fun for all. But next year we'll probably go up the night before, that way no need to get up so early in the morning. to walk 5 miles is interesting and not something I'd do all the time.But I was with family' and RuthAnn seemed to enjoy herself.She'd never even seen the bridge before so it was a double treat.Of course mom took a lot of pictures, so that is where I got the ones you see here.The plan is to make it an anual event to do. I'm all for it. I am a nut everyone knows but I'll admit it and say I've tried to be normal but it was no fun. So I got to be me. a nut just like my parents for sure. After completing the walk we each received a certificate showing we completed. There were thousands of people. Don't know the exact numbers but a great turn out as usual and all had fun. Mom had her concerns and worries and uncertainity but she braved it and did just fine.


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