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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

what's up!!!!

Hey! All! I know it has been a log time since I've posted anything here. just haven't had much to say and quite honestly haven't felt like posting much. but I need to come in and give a update as to what is up. As many of you know I am looking for a job. Well that looks like it is coming to an end. Let me back up a bit. A couple of weeks ago I attended a picnic with our local nf support group. I was asked to speak at the last minute. Just to give everyone an update and let them know what is going on since my surgery. As a good toast master that I am I took the chance to speak. In the speech I spoke of a lot of things and added that I was still looking for a job. After the speech as I was leaving with my dad and Ruthann to go and pick up Bryan from work a gentleman approached me. His name is Matt Hanlon. He stated that he may have a position for me. He gave me his card. He works for Citadel Broadcasting. They are a company that owns several radio stations. anyway I took the card and emailed him my resume. He called me today and it looks like I'll have a part time position with them. Don't know for sure and all the details so stay tuned and continue to pray. Also Toast Masters is going well. Our club achieved 7 out of possible 10 points this last year. we then were awarded what they call select dintinguished club. Awesome!!! our club is growing. in fact at tonights we will be voting on a new member. so keep praying God is blessing my club. This year I am no longer president but am in charge of public relations. other then that not much going on here that I can tell you about. Oh before I forget I am helping co-teach 4-6 graders at church. God bless and will try and post more often.


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