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Thursday, October 11, 2012


We as believers need to start to walk in victory.  We have victory in Jesus forever.  Jesus came and died and rose again so that we can be saved and have the victory.  You may say I don't have victory over... I say this may be so, but in the end when it is all said and done you will have victory.  It is with God's help you can and will have victory.  In my life I've been through many challenges some of which i didn't overcome, but others I have and only by God's strength.  my dear saints start living in victory and claiming it. You may say I'm no saint! I say you are.  Scripture proves this point.  In acts where it it talks of Paul's trips he always visited the "saints" so if you are a believer then you are a saint that once and a while sins.  When the Lord sees you he doesn't see the sin.  Father God sees you through Jesus.  because of whe he did on the cross. He paid for all your sins no matter what or will be. you are forgiven and therefore you can walk in victory.  


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