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Saturday, October 27, 2012

sticks and stones

Many times in our lives we get to say how or what we feel on a variety of issues.  We were raised with the statement, "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me!"  This is a false statement. While I realize that names or words are used freely.  We need to think before we speak!  It is because names can hurt words can hurt. God gave us 2 ears one mouth so we need to listen more then speak.  It is alright to speak your mind. I am not saying not to do that.  But what I am saying is think before you say it.  It is fine to joke around but even there be careful.  You may not intend the joke or statement to offend but it may.  For example a young lady is introduced to you and you think, "hmm she's ugly." You may even say "I don't like her because she is ugly."  Word will probably get back to her. This kind of verbage eventually will cause her to doubt if she is pretty.  When that happens she'll sink into a bit of depression.  Grant it I realze that sometimes oppinions are asked for but choose your words carefully.  The tongue is a powerful weapon. A weapon that is misused in many ways. Especially among believers. So my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, think before you speak. When needed apologize if you hurt some's feelings.  You may not have intended to but if you did make it right.  Communication is key and helpful. If done properly it can cause big change.  Sometimes it is best to be quiet on a given issue. Zip your lips then.  Sometimes we as believers need to be seen more then heard.  It has been said "I can't hear you because of what your actions" Let your walk match your talk and let the Lord help you and guide you.  Some say I talk to much and maybe I do at times but am working on watching what I say.  Compliments are awesome and helpful and may bring abouta changed outlook on ones life.  So let us put away that old saying and not teach it to children from now on.  God bless you my dear readers and check in again soon for more.  Who knows what I will post about next!


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