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Friday, October 19, 2012


We throughout our lives receive many gifts. Some tifgs are awesome, some not so awesome.  Some gifts amazing and even some that cause us to wonder why?  That having been said the Lord also bestows gifts to us.  You may say "heydoesn't either!" I say yes he does! The biggest gift of course is our salvation.  This is a free gift all we need to do accept it. many sad to say choose to reject that gift.  Secondly, he bestows on us spiritual gifts. For some it may be the gift of speaking, or teaching or working with their hands.  What ever your gift is the objective then is accept it and make good use of it.  You may very well say "I don't know what my gift is?" I ask then "why not? Are you willing to discover it?" If yousay "Yes!" I am ready to find out then go and discover it. You may ask "how do i discover it?" I say two ways.  first take a spiritual gift inventory. these are found a few different places online. you get results within minutes. secondly ask close friends, family what they feel your gift is. also pray that the Lord reveals it to you.  The apostle Paul confirms this in 1 Corinthians 12-14. telling us that each person has been gifted differently. Once you know your gift then use it. How? by any means available. Don't pass up opportunity.  pray for it. when you see opportunity don't pass it up. if you do then don't complain if you don't see another chance for a while. some gifts are are big and carry a huge responsebility. gifts such as "teaching" if this is your gift teach what the Bible says and use examples yes but don't teach in a way that is kind of scripture based base it totally on scripture and be able to varify it and back it up. when using your gift don't allow your head to get to big. because the Lord may have to prick your head in order for it fit throughthe door way.  when you are thanked or complimented on the use of your gift, thank them but at the same time attribute it to the Lord's help. This accknowledges their compliment but also places praise where praise is due.  God can use anyone anywhere and anytime, the fact he chooses to use you is his choice. use your gift as often as possible. if you never ever use your gift the Lord will probably ask why you didn't use it. there is no excuse for lack of use. while some will have an abundance of opportunity to use their gift that doesn't mean they are better. by no means. just be willing to be used and watch how God uses you. you'll get a major high when you use your gift. a major high or charge or something like that. when you pray for opportunity keep your eyes and ears open. and truly watch and listen.  having said all that stand up, go forth and apply your gift for the Lord's service and watch what happens. 


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