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Thursday, October 11, 2012


In our lives we have multiple relationships.  Some romantic, some acquaintances, co-workers, and others kind of unique.  As friends come into your life treasure them.  Treat them with respect and do thing for them and with them.  Friends will come and go. Some friends are meant to only be ones life tempoary. Others long term and others variying lengths.  Don't question "why" God brings this person or that person into your life. Just accept them for who they are. Just to help people be aware: I am no longer engaged to be married.  I broke this engagement and for very good reasons.  However, I do now have a special lady in my life and who knows where this relationship will lead. it is certain it is off to a good start. Her name is Tara. She lives in Minnisota. yes a long distance relationship but it is possible. treasure your relationships. you are blessed if you have at least one friend.  Stand by them through the good, bad and ugly and everything between. if thing come up that cause friction? then work them out and resolve the issues quickly. this goes even more so importantly for romantic relationships. Life is tempoary so don't worry pray often for your friends and family and relationships you have. if possible pray with your friends or significant other.  Above all show them Christ's love and i'll bee willing to bet you'll see some amazing stuff happen. if you pray with your friends it can only do one thing, and that is make that relationship stronger.  The bible tells us to pray for those who mistreat us and are "our enemies." it is a challenge but one a believer should take up and run with. weeping may last a night time but joy comes in the morning. Isay this  all to remind you: treasure your relationships because you don't know how long they last. if they depart let them go. if God wills they'll return in due time.


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